July 26, 2020

If you like to see angels, demons, paranormal stuff, ninja nuns who love to kick some faces, you are going to love Warrior Nun. The series is available on the Netflix platform, only one season yet, but there is a big promise it’s coming to a second.

Warrior Nun
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Warrior Nun Starring a Portuguese Actress.

The series is starring by the Portuguese actress Alba Baptista. She plays Ava, one girl who grew up in an orphanage with other nuns, after an accident which killed her mother. The accident, unfortunately, made Ava paraplegic, but at some moment, she dies.

Ava then surprisingly wakes up alive in a morgue. Now, she can walk again, she is stronger, and she got a permanent shining circle behind her backs, like a halo. If this wasn’t enough, Ava also got some superpowers.

You may ask, what do the nuns have to do with all of that? Ava then finds out that demons exist, and they are a real danger to her, but nuns and priests keep fighting them. We know there are many supernatural shows around, every year, a new series or movie of this gender is released. Still, Warrior Nun is something that we have never seen like before. When watching it you gonna feel surprised in so many times, it’s a totally new kind of horror show.

One thing which will also call your attention is Ava’s charisma. It’s common nowadays to enjoy more side characters than the protagonists, but in this case, it’s impossible to don’t love her more than anyone else in the series. Ava is a funny character, making jokes every time, and with everything.  The girl seems to never be in a serious mood.

Warrior Nun Interesting Facts.

Another great thing in Warrior Nun is that we can hear Ava’s thoughts, and this brings a vast comical point of view to the show. There is a fun scene where she is talking with a guy, and we begin to hear her thoughts, where she is thinking about how hot and wonderful he is. In some moments, Ava thinks she is in her mind, but soon the character perceives she is thinking out loud, putting her in embarrassing moments.

When it’s to be serious, we can also hear her thoughts, she is sometimes insecure and worried,  and it’s impossible for us to feel no empathy towards her. Every detail of the series makes it easy to keep engaging with her and her evolution during the story.

In the first episodes, she is a scared girl, full of doubts, and it’s constantly trying to run out of the monastery. She is also a hard-to-deal girl and can often be seen as selfish. Maybe, this was because of how her growing up happened, full of boring nuns, laying in bed all the time with only one friend around to talk and share her feelings, life wasn’t easy for Ava.


We often watch her thinking in her mind that no one likes her, everyone will eventually leave her, and she feels really alone in her world. However, we are going to see her slowly building up connections with others, opening up herself more to friends, often smiling, and dealing with things in a more positive way.

You can see that the series is very well written, with its ten episodes, we can see a lot of twists and turns, and for every episode you finish watching, you want to quickly jump to the next.

Warrior Nun is one of the best Netflix new series of July 2020

Warrior Nun
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Talking about the nuns, they are simply perfect. They are mostly young and when they need to fight evil, they do it like no one else could. There are many action scenes, and if they added a little bit more, it wouldn’t hurt, since they were all well produced. The nuns can often be seen as ruthless and cruel with their enemies, but at the end of the season, you are going to understand why they are the way they are.

The last episode of the season was frustrating, not in a bad way, but in a way that the episode left us with many, many questions. Thus, implying we are sure to get a second season of the show. If Netflix doesn’t give it to us, the fans will be really pissed off with the platform.

There is really excellent quality on the production of the series, the special effects are superhero-movie level. The CGI is unnoticeable, we can assume that a big budget was involved in the making of Warrior Nun. The scenes are well-made, the demons, angels, the black eyes when a demon possess someone, everything.

The plot is very well written. Every character has a defined role, some characters disappear along with the series, and some of them come back to the scenes, a lot of crazy things happen in only ten episodes.

One of the coolest things about the show is the way it tells its history, there are many points of view of the same timeline, and this requires us to keep the attention on the screen constantly to don’t lose any important detail.

Warrior Nun
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In no moment, Warrior Nun gets tiresome or massive to watch, a great mix of drama, action, and comedy. Unfortunately, predictions about the new season go up to 2021 or even mid-2022. Maybe with the pressure of its many fans, the company could start to produce the sequel of the series faster, maybe even for the end of this year. Anyway, don’t forget to give a try to this series, you will surely enjoy it.

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