July 27, 2020

Hate is a sentiment as stronger as Love. Now imagine being in the list of the most hated TV Characters from series?

The power that the art of acting has on us is incredible. Some characters in a series can make our blood boil, and this is something so powerful, that sometimes even the actors may suffer from the hate their roles receive. Let’s now check some of these infamous characters.

Emily Waltham from Friends. One of The Most Hated TV Characters From Series

Most Hated TV Characters From Series
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One of the most hate characters from the series was the ex-wife of Ross. Emily was always abusive to him, and at the moment she asked Ross to stay far from Rachel, the fans couldn’t handle her anymore. But she is not entirely wrong if you think. Ross and Rachel had a great friendship and were a non-official couple for the most time.

In his marriage with Emily, Ross said Rachel’s name when he was at the altar, causing a huge embarrassment for everyone. Anyway, the fact that Emily was something between the relationship between Rachel and Ross made her the most hated character in the series.

Clara Oswald from Doctor Who.

Most Hated TV Characters
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The classic series plot is about periodically changing the main actor to play the Doctor. The problem is, not always the public is ready to let the old character go. Along with this, there are the Companies of the Doctor, and the most hated one was Clara Oswald.

The Tenth Doctor version, palyed by David Tennant, and Rose Tyler, were the most loved partners at the series, unfortunately at some moment, they were both separated forever, stuck in different dimensions, and then the new Doctor and a new Companion were introduced at the shadow of the past one.

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara had somewhat a couple’s relationship, but this changed with the incoming of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. But to be honest, Clara was a incredible character alone. She would often steal the attention of the main character with her extraordinary ideas.

She also becomes at the end of her season one important character in the universe, along with the Eleventh Doctor, she became a powerful Hybrid. But it seems that fans still hold some hate towards her, but it’s probably because they miss Rose Tyler so much.

Miguel Rivas from This Is Us.

This Is Us: Miguel Rivas, the most overlooked character, deserves ...
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The series made so many people cry with its family drama full of tragedies, motivational speeches, and life lessons. But the show made the fans really pissed off after showing Rebbeca and Miguel together after her husband, Jack, tragically dies in a fire, implying that Miguel backstabbed his best friend.

If this wasn’t enough, Miguel often meddles himself in the family stuff, which makes everyone mad. However, the series shows that Miguel and Rebbeca only stay together after several years of Jack’s death. What is somehow tolerable. The fans probably don’t care about it.

April Kepner Grey’s Anatomy Most Hated Character.

Tribute to April Kepner – Grey’s Anatomy

This drama destroyed the heart of its fans. Thanks to the tragic deaths of its characters. April, still alive, was considered for the most time the most annoying character in the series. One of the reasons was that she was a Mrs-perfect-girl, and wished to keep her virginity for her marriage(which is not a reason to be the grey’s anatomy most hated character).

The selfishness of the character is also one of the reasons, April often thinks only about herself, mainly, in a moment when she lost her son with Jackson. In the end, she redeemed herself. One of the most dramatic moments was her going through a faith crisis. The character then, started to be enjoyed by Grey’s Anatomy fans, but unfortunately, the actress was fired of the ABC company for budget reasons.

Skyler White from Breaking Bad.

Why TV Finally Caught Up to Breaking Bad's Skyler White ...
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The wife of our beloved drug dealer has been the target of the fan’s hate for a long time. It’s comprehensible that a wife would be against any illegal acts of her husband, but the fans don’t care. Skyler would often cry when confronting Walter White about his actions and how it would affect their family.

The couple had one healthy little baby and an young adult with cerebral paralysis. Skyler was really mad when she found out that her husband, wasn’t just a drug dealer trying to make good money for his family after he passes out from his terminal cancer, but he was also a murderer. She at some moment cheated him with another guy, but let’s be real, White pushed Skyler away for being so much haughty and ignoring her for so long. Some crazy fans even moved their hate from the character to the actress Anna Gunn, who, of course, never deserved it. She was just too great at playing Skyler.

Sansa from Game of Thrones.

Most Hated TV Characters From Series
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The character won the admiration of the fans in the last seasons, but things were not always like this. At the beginning of Game of Thrones, every single fan hated Sansa for her emotive, finicky way. She was also blamed for her Dad’s death, the beloved Ned Stark.

Sansa Stark started maturing after the 4th season, and she faceda lot of terrible struggles in her life. She was always a really intelligent girl, perhaps. Coming to the end of the series, Sansa was a key character to defeat the Lannysters and the most dangerous threat they ever faced, the White Walkers. From hated to loved, that’s the history of the Queen of North.

Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead.

Most Hated TV Characters
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The character gained some kind of respect in the latest seasons of the series, but if you followed him since the beginning, you know this wasn’t always like that. The little boy was considered annoying, always putting himself in unnecessary danger, what is something crucial in a Zombie apocalypse age.

 But being sincere, he was just a kid in the middle of a terrible situation, those reactions can be somewhat justified. The boy managed to survive and grow up into a helpful partner against the zombies. He could have been the successor of his father in leading the new civilization post-apocalypse, but unfortunately, Carl died from a handful walkers attack.

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