August 6, 2020

If you like to start and finish every series you watch, we made this list of greatest Netflix series to watch right now. Every single one of them will make you want to sit on the couch and never leave. Take a look.

Brooklyn 99

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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The comedy series is something that you can’t wait to watch. In Brooklyn 99, we follow a police station’s daily life, where the most bizarre and absurd things happen. This combination of action scenes with funny and idiot moments is fantastic. One of the most well-rated things on the series is the production, the fast cuts between the scenes, one character makes a funny joke, then quickly the scene changes to another funny one, everything is fast and well written.

Each character has it own personality, Scully and Hitchcock are silly, Amy Santiago is the Mr’s Perfect, Captain Holt is the serious adult in the room, and Jake is the immature. The most know actor in the cast is Terry Crews, who coincidentally plays a character whose name is Terry Jeffords, the actor skill for comedies is unquestionable. The series has actually six seasons available on the platform, sure you gonna get addicted to it.

Locke & Key

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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The series was originated from the comics. The history is about transcendent moments and lots of adventures. It begins when one of Locke’s family members is involved in a tragic accident. After that, they decide to move from their city and restart life from zero. The mansion where they move up to in the city is very scary, it’s full of secret, has a mysterious decoration, and there are some “magic” keys around which grant access to different doors inside it.

Every episode shows us a try with a different key and door, which makes the characters go to the most unimaginable places. The magic and adventure vibe the series present us is something similar to The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. It’s a series that makes you want to watch again and again.

Russian Doll

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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Nadia is a woman who died in her 33 years old party, but the character somehow, in a blink of an eye, becomes alive again. The problem is, after her first death and resurrect, she is stuck in an eternal loop where every time she dies, she will resurrect in that bathroom from her party.

It’s the famous “respawn” who gamers are pretty familiar with. In a moment after some of those cycles, the character starts to ask herself why this is happening to her. However, season one still doesn’t explain the reason for this phenomenon yet. Every episode has a duration of 30 minutes at maximum, and it’s a pretty enjoyable series to watch if you are not a fan of longer shows.

Don’t F**k With Cats

The series is a documentary about a real event that happened. We follow the path of hundreds of random people from the internet who engaged themselves to track a man who made a video of himself abusing a little cat. This sick man starts to perceive that he is getting a lot of attention from those videos, so instead of stop, he goes way more aggressive and starts to move from animal abuse to different kinds of crimes.

One thing which started from hackers and random angry internet people trying to localize that sick abuser, ended up with the high authorities moving up a huge investigation, which led to the arrest of this man. The series, however, has only three episodes, but you will be really engaged in this justice history.



The show doesn’t need to be further introduced, everyone on the planet knows it. The ten seasons of the series made many of the 90s actors raise up to another level in Hollywood. Jennifer Anniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, they all had their lives and careers transformed. If you are from the new generation, you may have heard from your parents how much Friends were a hype in their time. There is a reason for it, the blend of drama, growing up together, comedy, and relationships. Take a look at this show, you are going to get in love with it really quick.

The End Of The F**king World

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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Alyssa and James are two atypical teenagers tired of their boring lives. But one beautiful day, they steal the car of James’s dad, and they drive far away to make stupid teenagers stuff alone. In the elapse of the series, we see many funny situations, some light drama, everything that two people of this age would face in life. The two seasons of the series got eight episodes, with 20 minutes each. It’s a pretty short-term show if you think, but the third season may bring longer episodes for us to enjoy.

Tiger King

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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The series is another documentary that tells us the history of the excentric Zoo owner Joe Exotic. In Joe’s zoo, there are no common animals, only big felines. From the other side, there is his arch-enemy, Carole Baskin, who is a protector of animals and is rushing to free those big cats from the Zoo, to live their normal lives in nature.

But then, things start to become a little complicated, murders, destruction of evidence, animal abuse, and more. The series shows all this big drama from different points of view. It’s pretty amazing that many footages of those events were preserved, so we could see how this big “fight” happened.


Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
Image credit: insider

If you like fiction with time travel, drama, multi universes, intense plot twists, this is the right choice for you. Dark hype is well deserved, the series tells us the history of a small German town in a time where an apocalypse happens. The characters start to look for ways to survive in this new world, but soon they will realize it’s not only a simple apocalypse, as if an apocalypse event could be any simpler.

They perceive that some bizarre stuff are happening, like people disappearing in the front of their eyes, and then coming back years later, a lot of DeJa Vu, the series is full of mysterious and intriguing situations. All three seasons are available on the platform, so rush to watch it and be aware of your friends’ spoilers.

Breaking Bad

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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The history of one man who was a chemical teacher, with a bad wage and diagnosed with terminal cancer, perceives that when he passes out, his family will be in a bad financial situation. Walter White has a wife, one little baby, and one young adult with a cerebral paralysis. So, he decides to build a methamphetamine laboratory to make huge money for his family’s future.

The drama is known for being flawlessly written. The character’s development in the five seasons of the series is really great to watch. He starts as one person in the first season and ends up as a totally different one in the last season. This acclaimed series is one you shouldn’t forget to watch on Netflix.

La Casa De Papel

Netflix Series To Watch Right Now
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Drama, action, burglary, and tragedies are everything you are going to find in this series. Sergio Marquina, better known as the Professor, is one of La Casa De Papel’s main characters. He is responsible for planning and coordinates his team of thieves on the biggest robberies of Spain.

Although you may think that those thieves are just puppets for him, they have all a different personality, and you are going to get attached to most of them. Each season of the series is about one big robbery plan, taking all the eight episodes per season to conclude the arc. Don’t lose your time and go watch all of the four seasons available on the platform, so you will be updated at the moment of the release of the newest season.

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