July 4, 2020

If a hero exists, there must be a villain, that’s the rule in the Animated Disney Villains. We often give too much attention to the saga of our beloved heroes, but now, let’s give some credit to the villains’ unreplaceable roles.

Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

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Sure this guy seems tough, but put him near a crocodile and he’s the biggest baby. As a sociopath with a bad case of revenge, Hook poses a genuine threat to Peter Pan and his lost friends. But it’s his sense of humor that makes him one of our favorite villains, and with Mr. Smee by his side acting as a de-facto conscience, he can’t miss.

Queen Grimhilde in The Snow White.

Animated Disney Villains
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Magic mirror on the wall, you know the drill. The evil queen kicked off one of Disney’s most used villainous types, the evil stepmother. A princess can have just about everything.  Beauty, the right fit for a glass slipper, magic hair, but the evil women always have a plan to come out on top. The main thing we can thank this villain for is teaching us not to take apples from strangers.

Gaston in The Beauty and the Beast.

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He doesn’t look like your typical bad guy. In fact, Gaston is the guy who usually gets the girl. Baritone voice, tall, long hair, blue eyes, but thanks to his overconfidence, terrible proposal skills, and LeFou blinding fellowship, he is unforgettable. However, he loses us when he tries to blackmail Belle into marrying him, and stabs her boyfriend when she refuses. Not real mature.

Hades in The Hercules.

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This delightfully sassy Lord of the underworld has everything. A severe anger management problem, two clumsy sidekicks, and some shady digs he schemes. Hades manipulates, he’s a hothead, he schemes, he’s the ideal Disney’s villain. And with a plan to take over Mount Olympus, which includes killing Hercules himself, we could say that Hades is pretty evil. In fact, he rules it.

Ursula in The Little Mermaid.

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This chubby villain has us wrapped around her tentacles. With a great command of body language, a killer sense of style, and a sultry voice, Ursula is surely evil. We never really understood the motivation for her dastardly deeds, but we imagine the villain did love her creature garden. Ursula’s only fault is that she’s a sore loser, but she fights dirty until the end. Now imagine when a real Disney star has to follow strict rules.

Cruella Deville in The 101 Dalmatians.

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She wears, smokes, and breathes evil. With a closet full of fur, cigarettes, and a classic Rolls-Royce to match, we can’t deny that Cruella’s got some serious style, even if she’s miserable and perfectly wretched. After she threatened to turn our beloved puppies into fur for her clothes, we could not let her out of the list.

Claude Frollo in The Huncback of Notre-Dame.

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This classic baddie doesn’t waste time. In the first four minutes of the movie, Frollo kills a young mother and almost drowns a newborn baby. You know what his biggest problem is? He doesn’t get women. Burn cities and urge public humiliations in our dear Hunchback won’t help either.

Jafar in Aladdin is Between the Animated Disney Villains.

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He is your average tall dark well-dressed villain, but what’s with his facial hair? Jafar has creepy written all over him, right down to that viper hypnose scepter of his. But it’s the deadpan delivery, rampant sarcasm, and feathered partner-in-crime that make him a favorite of our villains. Even though he kisses the Sultan’s butt constantly, we still can’t believe no one suspected he was evil.

Maleficent in The Sleeping Beauty.

Animated Disney Villains
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Never trust a spinning-wheel. With a skin that could rival the Wicked Witch of the West, Maleficent is definitely Disney’s most evil female character. We mean, what kind of monster curses a baby? With her pet raven Diablo on her wing, she’s unstoppable, even more when she becomes her scariest form of a dragon. Only a prince with a magic sword can defeat her in this form.

Scar in The Lion King.

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This nonchalant villain is almost perfect, he’s got an evil plan to rule the monarchy. After the memorable act of throwing his brother to his death and sending his hyena lackeys to off his nephew, Scars reign over Pride Rock. But no smart villain would send a hyena to do a lion’s job. Scar got a deserved end by the hands of his lackeys.

King John in The Robin Hood.

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 He’s the king of immaturity.  The Tyger rules over Nottingham with no sense of duty to his citizens, who are often hungry and deprived. He is a king of terror and causes lots of  suffering to its people. When Robin Hood begins to shake up the kingdom, we start to see the Prince for what he truly is, a thumb-sucking mama’s boy.

Professor Ratigan in The GreatMouse Detective.

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He is one of the most deviously minded villains on the list. Ratigan is continuously scheming to get to power, so he kidnaps an old toymaker and forces him to make a robot that looks like the Mouse Queen. And with his toy, he plans to rule all the mice in England. What makes the villain so loathsome is that he uses charm and civility to get what he wants from others. However, underneath the clothes of a gentleman, we find Basil’s arch-enemy is nothing but a rat.

Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove.


Don’t let her looks fool you, she may appear thin and weak, but Yzma got the brains of an evil mastermind. In order to become Empress of the Inca Empire, the villain sets out to destroy Emperor Kuzco. With a penchant for poisons and the ability to turn her enemies into animals, Yzma is someone to watch out. Her smoky voice and sassy comments make her an entertaining villain as well.

Shan Yu in Mulan.

Mulan Shan Yu shocked | Personagens
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As the leader of the Huns, he is the biggest thread to Mulan and the Imperial Army. Shan Yu is pretty much an enigma wrapped in a riddle, so viewers are never quite sure what his true motives are. That only makes him more terrifying to watch on the big screen, he’s the embodiment of brawn and brute force with a chilling exterior.

Lady Tremaine in Cinderella.

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There is a reason the bad-stepmother stereotypes exist, Tremaine. As Cinderella’s stepmother, she goes out of her way to ensure she makes Cindy’s life a living hell. She enslaves the poor girl so that her ugly daughters have a better chance of securing the rich Prince. When the grand duke comes to the house with Cinderella’s glass slipper, she goes so far as to take the opportunity to break the shoe. A real bad parent.

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