Written by: Katherine

Date: April 13, 2021

how is your relationship with your step parents quiz
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About This Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how your relationship with your step-parents is. You will only need a few minutes to complete it. Afterward, you will be able to compare it with other people’s relationships. In this quiz, there are eleven questions, five for each type of connection possible: healthy, not so healthy, or abusive.


A step-parent is someone married to a biological parent of one or more children. For example, an individual may have a spouse, and the couple has a child together. After getting divorced, they met another person and remarried that person, having their own kid from previous relationships.

Each step-parent would raise the stepchild for some time before becoming step-siblings again when meeting the step-parent’s new partner’s kids on top of it all (if any). The household will add up as one family even though there are multiple partners involved in raising them.

The step-parents would most likely take on the role of parent to stepchildren. This person becomes an important figure in their stepchild’s life and is responsible for teaching them values, sharing experiences with them, disciplining them when necessary, etc. The step-parent may even act as a second or primary caregiver if there are reasons that stepchildren are separated from their biological parent/s for a significant time.

Are You Ready To Be A Stepmom?

It is a significant change when you become a stepmom. You are not just marrying one person, but becoming part of a new family and taking on new responsibilities to children who aren’t biological parents.

You may feel like the odd-one-out in your relationship if biological parents still play an active role or if their opinions matter more than yours. It will take time for everyone involved to adjust and accept that you have made this choice because it works best for your situation and those around you.

There is no right way to be a stepparent; every household dynamic is different, which means there isn’t only one set ‘rule book.’ All families need love, understanding, and patience from everyone involved, so consider these key factors when building your new family.

Will You Be A Good Stepmom?

While you might have a lot of love to give, being a good stepmother is about so much more than just loving your family. In fact, several things can make or break how well you fit into your new house dynamic and whether or not the kids in question will accept you as their own parent. Let’s take a look at some fundamental traits of what it takes to be considered an excellent addition for any family:

  • Respect for household rules and family time
  • Willingness to help out with any home responsibilities, including picking up the kids from school or sports practice
  • Being a loving and supportive parent figure who is always willing to listen. If you think they need help, don’t be their mother. Just give them advice and encouragement.
  • You don’t want your own parenting style getting mixed into how this family functions because that could lead to unnecessary clashes between everyone involved!

The most important thing of all? As long as you’re open about what’s going on (and be sure that no one will judge you), then there isn’t anything else that can go wrong! You can be a stepmother and have a family. Problems can happen, but it will get better if everyone is friendly.

Just be yourself and do your best to stay positive! There will always be bumps in the road when it comes to this family dynamic, but that’s okay. As long as you’re willing to put forth some effort towards making things work, then everything should play out smoothly without too many issues cropping up along the way.

Will My Ex Cause Me More Stress Than It’s Worth?

Problems can come up, but they’ll get better if people are friendly about what’s going on. As long as you put forth an effort to make things work, then everything should play out smoothly without too many issues cropping up along the way! Be open about your family dynamic with everyone involved so that no one will judge you or have a problem with anything that happens during this period. Otherwise, you can get stressed because there might be clashes between everybody else who is a part of this family togetherness situation.

Be Patient With Family Members.

The stepparents are always laborious and stressful. Some days you feel the pain of raising a young family, and some days you wonder why you chose to become a blended family. Your kids might question you, rebel against you, and try to ruin your romance. There was a learning curve. Over time you’ll establish your own relationship with kids in your marriage. This requires time and patience to learn about the stepson’s life. As can know your role in their lives, learn how to handle their children’s needs, and their relationship with their parents.

Consider The Age Of The Child.

The children’s ages are an essential factor in how well they will accept a new stepmom. There is no magic age at which children become more accepting of their parent’s partners. Still, you can follow some general guidelines to help your kids get used to having two moms or two dads.

  • Younger children often have trouble understanding that things don’t just happen magically – someone has to take action for something good or bad to occur. This lack of understanding makes it harder for them to comprehend why their parent would be dating outside the family if their partner wasn’t “bad.” It also means they might blame themselves when something goes wrong between their stepparent and one of their biological parents.
  • Some older children may feel that a new stepparent means they have to share their parents’ love with someone else. They may feel as if the stepmom is an intruder who doesn’t belong in their family and that being mean to her will make her go away.
  • Older children may better understand what their parents are feeling after a divorce or the death of a spouse since they have experienced loss themselves, but this should not lead people to believe that children can cope with something as traumatic as the end of a marriage at any age.

Communicate With Your Partner About Boundaries And Family Situations.

Discipline is a tricky subject in most families, and it can be even more challenging when you’re the step-parent. Whether your partner disciplines their child frequently or infrequently, they may not always know how to discipline around you. This could lead to some awkward moments where there’s tension between everyone.

Support Your Spouse’s Parenting Choices.

You may have no option in disciplining or mentoring children, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t make things friendly. While it is up to your spouse to deliver consequences for wrongdoing, you should play an active role in supporting their parental choice. This will help stepchildren to view your parent as a friend rather than a co-parent.

How Is Your Relationship With Your Step-Parents Quiz

You have just completed a personality quiz that examined the relationship you have with your step-parents. Hopefully, this has given you some insight into improving it if necessary or confirming that things are going well. This is something important because relationships between adults in families can be complicated, and there’s no one right way for everything to go down all of the time.

Your father is spending much more time with his new wife than with you, what do you do?

  • I'm going to spend $500 from his credit card to call his attention
  • I'm going to tell him I miss our time together
  • I'm going to let them enjoy it

Your new stepbrother is always asking you to pay things for him, what do you do?

  • I don't mind spending some money with him
  • I will pay some cheap things only
  • I tell him to go find a job and pay his own stuff

Your stepbrother is using your new shoes, what do you do?

  • I would discuss with him
  • I would ignore it
  • I wouldn't mind

Your stepmother is always bad-mouthing your mom, how do you react?

  • I tell her to shut up
  • I leave the room when she starts doing it
  • I explain to her I don't like it when she talks about my mom like that

With who do you spend your holidays?

  • My dad
  • I'm forced to spend it with my stepfather
  • With both my dad and stepfather, they get along well

Describe your new stepmom:

  • Arrogant
  • Chill
  • Likeable

The new husband of your mom said you are going to need to sleep on the couch because of something he is doing, what's your reaction?

  • I refuse to sleep on the couch
  • I would be a little mad, but I would sleep there anyway
  • I would be Ok with it, he is a cool guy

Do your stepbrother gets more attention from his dad than you?

  • Yes, this gets me mad
  • Yes, but I know this is normal
  • No, we receive the same amount of attention

Would you call your new stepfather a dad?

  • Not too soon
  • I would consider it
  • I think so, what's the problem?

Your new stepfather wants to come to watch your school's presentation, but he doesn't want to sit near your dad, what do you do?

  • I tell him he doesn't need to come
  • I would pretend I heard nothing
  • I will tell him my dad will come anyway

Your dad and mom keep fighting over who will stay with you on the weekend, what do you do?

  • I would tell both to stop with this!
  • I would just ignore it and go take a walk
  • I would sit with both to try to solve things peacefully