Written by: Billie

Date: September 14, 2020

Friends Guest Stars
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

How well you know the Friends guest stars? On this Friends Quiz, you will be challenged to remember at least 13 of the 15 most famous guest appearances on the tv show.

Friends featured several special guest appearances throughout its successful seasons, so many that we could talk about them all day and night! Instead, we decided to make a special quiz about those appearances that have become remarkable for many fans. One of the most interesting parts about the special guest appearances in Friends is that, because it is a sitcom and recorded with a live audience at times, we saw the most vibrant reactions from the audience when someone very famous entered the scene. Memorable faces entered the gallery of appearances like Danny DeVitto, Dakota Fanning, John Stamos…

When the series started, another show was already very successful, the medical drama “ER”, also from the NBC channel. The appeal was so great that two of its protagonists at the time made a special appearance in episode 1 × 17 – “The One With Two Parts: Part 2,” is George Clooney and Noah Wyle. At the time, both played doctors who saw Rachel after she was injured in her apartment. It didn’t take long for her and Monica to be enchanted by both, causing a funny discord between the two. Now, as a huge fan of the show, it’s time for you to take this special quiz about the guests of Friends!

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