Written by: Katherine

Date: February 9, 2021

Image: @oliviarodrigo/@selenagomez

About This Quiz

Between incredible stories, intense soundtracks, and surprising performances, an aspect that also strikes the eyes of movie addicts is the beauty of the actresses. Thus, with thousands of professionals who give life to so many characters, some gain prominence. Every person had or has a crush on some special female celeb. The television series in which those actresses acted are worshipped, surely because of their astonishing presence. Not only a TV show but also the films are boosted by full of jaw-dropping actresses who shine like a diamond.

In fact, everybody is anxiously waiting for a movie to be released at the cinema or an episode to be shown, just to see the acting of their crush actresses. Women like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are still praised today, even being in their 50s. Nowadays, we have a new generation of female stars who are coming to the top. There are so many cute faces around. We also have the so common social media celebs, who have a lot of followers in their accounts but are not as famous as the movie and music stars. Sure some of those women melted your heart. This quiz will help you to find which is your celeb crush. Get ready!