Written by: Katherine

Date: February 5, 2021

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About This Quiz

Detective TV Show is one of the most popular genres among TV series. And there are countless styles some comical, some tragic and those that mix the two. Watching a series can bring a different experience if it involves a mystery. In addition to entertaining, plots that talk about crimes and investigations awaken the detective inside each one of us, between right and wrong guesses. Productions with this theme usually talk about real subjects, whether telling a true story or just based on the facts. The stories can be told in the form of series or miniseries, or even documentaries, bringing testimonials and real evidence.

The series presents us with a range of episodes that most of the time follow a story. That makes us finish an episode and already go crazy to see the one next. The featured genre is quite attractive for those who enjoy the action with a little bit of suspense. Netflix and other streaming platforms currently have countless titles, which is excellent, but on the other hand, it’s complicated to choose from so many options. As a fan of this genre, sure you have caught yourself imagining being the detective, with so many options and personalities, we sure can help you to find out which one of the detectives would you be with this amazing quiz!

Do you fear that something may happen to you while working?

  • Getting shot
  • Being kidnapped
  • Nothing scares me

Did you have any tragedy in your personal life?

  • I had a near-death experience
  • I had a hard time growing up in my family
  • Not really

How do you interview a suspect?

  • I will ask tough questions and observe his reactions
  • I tell my partner to interview him first, while I keep watching
  • I try to make him nervous to get the truth out of him

What is your main tool to try to solve a case?

  • Interviewing the witnesses
  • The clues
  • My thoughts

What is your most significant quality?

  • Intuition
  • Coldness
  • Wisdom

Are you popular?

  • People are inspired by me
  • People do respect me
  • Sometimes people get mad at me

Do you have a good relationship with your coworkers?

  • We both support each other
  • We are somehow a couple
  • Yes we complement each other

What is your uniform like?

  • I try to disguise myself
  • A suit
  • A trench coat

Choose something that upsets you at work:

  • Getting emotional involved in a case
  • Religion talks
  • Smoking

Which would be your favorite case to investigate?

  • Mysterious disappearing
  • Supernatural case
  • Murder

What would you do in your free time?

  • There is no free time in my job
  • I would take my family to a dinner
  • I would be writing novels