Written by: Katherine

Date: March 30, 2021

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About This Quiz

You’ve watched these love stories on the big screen. Between ups and downs, back and forth, many characters built a relationship on television that left all viewers melted and wishing to experience it all too. Who doesn’t like a good romance? TV series that do not invest in a couple, be it drama or comedy, are rare. The public loves rooting for couples and seeing their favourite characters end up side by side, which is not always the case. Often, a couple is there, in the face of everyone, but takes longs seasons to their feelings for each other appear. In others, people come together right on, and obstacles appear along the way.

We almost always manage to see or recognize someone we know in these stories, art imitates the life and life imitates art. As an essential part of our lives, love has always been one of the most explored themes in entertainment. Series writers, for example, create love stories that we fall in love with. We hope to see our favourite couples overcoming obstacles, we cry every time they fail, and we are happy every time they succeed. But it is always sad to see a story that we really like to come to an end and, therefore, we often start looking for another love story to know and follow. For that reason, we have prepared this amazing quiz for you. Enjoy!

How long did you take to fall in love with your partner?

  • At the first time I saw him
  • I fell in love on the first date
  • He has always had a crush on me
  • It took some time for me to give him a chance

How did your partner ask you out on your first date?

  • I've actually asked him out
  • He asked me casually to go out with him
  • I was in a bad mood and he helped me
  • I've rejected him at first, but after some tries I've accepted it

Choose your best quality below:

  • Kindness
  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Humor

Which gift would you like to receive from your partner?

  • Some art picture
  • A day in a Fun Park
  • A ticket to a concert
  • Food and clothes!

What is the most romantic thing he did for you?

  • He brought me flowers in my job
  • He prepared a bathtub with petals and scents only for me
  • He took me off from a dangerous situation
  • He sang an Ed Sheeran song for me

Do you have the same fashion style?

  • We are both casual
  • No, we are totally different
  • Depends on the situation
  • Yes, we love to look stylish as a couple

Do you constantly fight?

  • Only over some stuff
  • Yes
  • Never, we are both calm
  • It's rare

Do your parents like your boyfriend?

  • Yes, but at first, they hated him
  • Yes, but it took some time.
  • Yes, they have always loved him!
  • No, but they don't interfere.

What do you both enjoy doing at night?

  • Going to a club
  • Going to a theater
  • Take a walk
  • Playing tennis together

What's your friend's opinion on your relationship?

  • You are perfect
  • Opposites attract
  • Prince and princess
  • You are a funny couple.

What do you answer when he says he loves you?

  • Me too, babe
  • I love you too
  • I also do sweetie
  • I love you more