Written by: Katherine

Date: February 10, 2021

Image: @elisabethmossofficial/@madamsecretarycbs

About This Quiz

Fierce electoral campaigns, games of interest, power, intrigue, alliances, and many twists and turns are some marks of the universe of politics. There are series of the most varied genres, in which the characters face the ups and downs of life in politics and try to learn the rules of the game in search of their goals. From comedy to drama, from reality to dystopia, your marathons will be intense with these works.

Drama like House of Cards, the comedy Parks and Recreation, and Game of Thrones, what do these series have in common? All are anchored in plots and political intrigues to build their history. And this type of series is increasingly successful among audiences looking for complex stories that require attention and reasoning, or who want to understand more about politics, from the United States, from Italy, or even from French absolutist monarchism.

Politics discussions are very present in our daily lives and, for this reason, it ended up becoming one of the most loved themes by the film industry. Several productions are launched and renewed daily. This unique quiz we have prepared will tell you which of the TV politics you would be, based on your personality!