Written by: Katherine

Date: February 10, 2021

Image: @thebeatles/@ledzeppelin

About This Quiz

Did rock die? Gene Simmons says yes, but there are a handful of people who swear it doesn’t. Well, the way of doing good old rock and roll may be really dead because, in the era of streaming, no one cares about the conceptual works that gave rise to iconic albums in music history.

It is impossible not to be touched by hearing the first chords of some songs by international rock bands that have made history. When Sweet Child O ‘Mine’s guitar makes that intro, the heart starts to beat faster, making us urge to sing along. All this emotion is very characteristic of rock and roll. Packed by rhythms such as jazz, folk, country, and R&B, various styles of rock came to life in this mix that was born in the strength of electric instruments.

The result we know today, with the musical style so widespread worldwide. It attests how great the legacy of the great bands and artists of the past is copied by the new generations, who continue to sell and circulate, reproducing the revolutionary ideas of the old rock & roll. Now, based on your personality, which classic rock band is you? This amazing quiz will help you to find out!