Written by: Katherine

Date: February 1, 2021

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Image: @jelenagoals/@jennpitt

About This Quiz

Some celebrity scandals stain their names forever, especially after the era of internet hyper-surveillance, many famous were beaten by scandalous news about their personal lives. Even if nobody confesses out loud, there is a certain pleasure in reading news about beautiful, wealthy, successful people who get caught in compromising situations. It is a feeling of satisfaction in the face of the misfortune of a third party.

In the private field, and in times of electronic communication, it can be said that the more perfect the life of someone seems to be, the greater the satisfaction with the scandal. Nothing more human. People put the celebs on a pedestal because they are famous and because they have money. The audience feels it too. When they have tooth pain or when they take a foot in the ass, everyone thinks, “wow, he’s just like us, of flesh and blood. ”

There were so many scandals about iconic person lives, we could even look hundreds of years back, and we have compromising stories about the old elite and monarchies. Nowadays, celeb scandals are a huge business that sells millions every year. Do you think you would get involved in any of these scandals? This special quiz will tell you, just based on your personality!

Which celebrity do you think had the worst scandal ever?

  • Miley Cirus drug problems
  • Jay-Z infidelity to Beyoncé
  • James Charles's sexual misbehavior

Which phrase for a tabloid would be your life right now?

  • She did it again!
  • Account hacked, nudes leaked!
  • Who is the father?

If someone offered you a lot of money, would you sell your biggest secrets?

  • Never
  • For sure
  • Yes, but only my stories

Do you feel sympathy for a celebrity having a scandal?

  • Yes, we are all humans
  • Depends if I like celebrity
  • Nope

What is your vice?

  • Booze
  • Casual sex
  • Drugs

Do you know why Kim Kardashian got famous?

  • She is a great businesswoman
  • She knows how to maintain herself at the top
  • Because of a sex tape with a famous guy

Do you consider yourself flirt?

  • I'm pretty chill
  • Yes, I'm always looking for some date
  • Only to my partner

Would you send a nude to someone you were dating?

  • Never
  • Only in a serious relationship
  • Yes, why not?

Is there a bad thing about being famous?

  • Fake friendships
  • Paparazzi
  • Nothing

Have you ever physically fought with someone?

  • Yes, it always happens
  • I've only defended myself
  • No, that's low-class

Chose a tabloid below:

  • People
  • The Hollywood Reporter
  • OK!