Written by: Katherine

Date: February 4, 2021

Image: businessinsider/unsobered

About This Quiz

Ah, the alcohol. This excellent social lubricant keeps the world ticking smoothly. Maybe you drink too, but do you know what you drink? Of course, you do. Everyone has their favorite drink. However, in addition to confessions, hangovers, potential liver damage, and dizzying nights, there is something you still need to know. If you always order the same drink when you go to the bar with friends, know that choosing your favorite drink can reveal details of your personality. For some time now, alcohol has become a great villain in society. Addictive, fattening, causing traffic accidents, etc. In the modern world, alcohol is a bit frowned upon.

Only our ancestors did not think like this. Everyone was pissed (in some cases, even children), in shocking quantities for current standards, in the 19th century, people drank twice as much today. Even more surprising is to discover that this historical drunk played a fundamental role, it helped humanity to overcome epidemics, explore the planet, build empires, win wars, organize democratic societies and invent essential technologies for everyone’s daily life. The pyramids of Egypt, the Grand Navigations, milk in a box…those things wouldn’t exist (or be very different) without a drink. So, by seeing the importance that alcohol had in our history, can you answer which drink you are? This personality quiz will help you to find out quickly!

Pick your favorite tabloid below:

  • Us Weekly
  • People
  • OK!
  • The National Enquirer

What is the average price of the drinks you consume?

  • $4
  • $12
  • More than $15
  • $2

Choose your favorite Netflix show:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • La Casa De Papel
  • Anne With An E

Where is the best place to drink?

  • Some familiar place
  • The place doesn't matter
  • A high-class restaurant
  • Anywhere my friends are comfortable in

What's your favorite place in a party?

  • Sit at the table to drink
  • The bar
  • The dance floor
  • Smoking room

Choose your favorite place to go on a first date:

  • NBA game
  • A dinner
  • A pub
  • A walk on the park

Which Hollywood star would you like to drink with?

  • Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Lucifer from Lucifer
  • Grizz from The Society
  • Nadia Vulvokov from Russian Doll

Choose a place to travel below:

  • Germany
  • Russia
  • France
  • Spain

What do you eat when you get the drunchies?

  • Burger
  • Anything available
  • Fruits
  • Doritos

Choose your drink glass below:

  • Lowball glass
  • Wine glass
  • Cocktail glass
  • Flute glass

How do you behave when you are drunk?

  • Crazy
  • Straightforward
  • Flirt
  • Talkative