Written by: Katherine

Date: January 31, 2021

Image: @justinbieber/@billieeilish

About This Quiz

There are many positive factors of being a celebrity. The money and the worship of the fans are probably the best factors. We need to remember also that most celebrities are doing something that they are really passionate about. However, there is also the downside of being a celebrity. We tend to deify people who are in evidence or who have become famous for some reason.
Most of the time, fame is the result of hard work, demonstration of competence, and the use of various strategies that allow to achieve it.
Along with fame comes money and many friends, the real and the fake ones too.

Dealing with this depends on a constant search for the development of emotional intelligence, as it is necessary for the famous person to understand that every step he gives will be observed. Anything you do from the moment you become famous will bring you positive or negative results immediately. There is a risk of being pursued by those who develop an obsession with their idols and the reduction or loss of privacy, in addition to other risks related to personal and family security. But despite the negative sides that being famous may have, it’s truly a dream life to be able to reach the top 1% of the population. Check now in this special personality quiz how you are going to become a celebrity!