Written by: Katherine

Date: February 8, 2021

Image: backdropoutlet/weheartit

About This Quiz

Are you the type of teen who leaves your locker a mess, or it’s very well organized with everything on your sight? With the average daily tasks, it’s complicated to organize your locker, even when you store there a lot of secret things. The problem is when this mess becomes recurrent. Some aspects of psychology explain that disorganization is, in some way, a reflection of your mind. But calm down! It is possible to work around this situation.

On the other hand, some studies show that messy people tend to be more creative since they need to use this skill to find their own objects and create new things. In the end, the most important thing is to find a balance between the mess and the organization. The mess is not always a sign of neglect. There are people who like to keep all the kinds of crazy things in their locker. Some just want to decorate it with the colors which most related to them.

Your locker is your little space that expresses a lot of your inner behavior and personality. This quiz was prepared specially for you. It will tell what’s your personality just based on your locker!

What's is the ideal place for your locker to be placed?

  • Near the exit door
  • Near the bathroom
  • Near the classroom

How often do you change the lock of your locker?

  • Every week
  • Every 3 months
  • Never did

Pick below a star whom you would share your locker:

  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Timothee Chalamet
  • Jacob Elordi

What's the smell of your locker?

  • Green tea scent spray
  • Chocolates which I've stored there
  • A mix of sweat with old milk

Which animal would your locker be if it became alive?

  • A butterfly
  • A dog
  • A tiger

What's the decoration of your locker on the holidays?

  • Something I've made by my hands
  • removable stickers
  • Nothing

How would you customize your locker?

  • I would input a touchscreen lock
  • I would draw some graffiti
  • I wouldn't

How long do you take to find something that you put there?

  • Instantly
  • Some minutes
  • I hope it's there!

Which type of lock do you use on your locker?

  • Combination lock
  • Chain
  • Duct tape

With how many people do you share your locker's key?

  • No one
  • All my buddies
  • Probably everyone I know

Do you have pictures of people inside your locker?

  • Only a picture of me
  • Yes, from my buddies
  • Not really