Written by: Katherine

Date: May 5, 2021

Patriots 2017
Image: New England Patriots wide receiver, Chris Hogan, 2017. [wikimedia]

About This Quiz

If you are a New England Patriots fan, you have no worries about whether your team will be present in the playoffs, all you gotta wonder is how far your team will go. The Patriots are the biggest winner of the 21st century, winning AFC East 16 times in the last eighteen years. Since the new century, the team hasn’t had a season with more defeats than victories.
Also, the legendary 3 Super Bowl victories between the year 2001-2004 are something unique in the championship! This trivia will take you to the greatest eras of the team.

Founded in 1960, the name was Boston Patriots and it stayed like that ten years at the AFL, before the league merge in 1970. In the following year, the team finally changed its name to the New England patriots. After an ordinary start, the team managed to reach the Super Bowl in 1985, but the legendary Chicago Bears took the title. The team managed to reach the final again in 1996 but fell for Brett Favre’s Packers. Who would guess that a team who constantly lost in the final would become such a giant in the sport? But it all changed when Bill Belichick and a young player, Tom Brady, joined the team in 2000.

The New England Patriots became a winning machine. The partnership between Brady and Belichick granted the team six Super Bowl titles! Chosen only in the sixth round of the 2000 Draft, Brady went from an unknown player to one of the best Quarterbacks in the history of the sport. Brady’s also was the fourth team in history to pass the regular season without a loss, in the 2007 season.

The team, although coming from a legendary moment, stayed ten years without winning a title. Yes, we will talk about the bad era of the team on this quiz. But in the Super Bowl 49, it returned to the top defeating the Seattle Seahawks. In 2016, they have won against the Atlanta Falcons, in an epic game. And if you think that’s all, wait a minute; In 2018, when everyone thought the Patriots couldn’t keep up against the Los Angeles Rams, the team won against the LA team for 13 to 3! Unfortunately, the team star, Brady, dropped the team in 2019. Belichick now must learn his way without his long-term partner.

A funny part of the New England Patriots culture are their Patriots Cheerleaders. Who are few special women chosen to support the team wherever it goes. They also have a group called Endzone Militia who are ten men dressed like miners. They line up on the back of each end zone, and when the team scores a touchdown, the group will fire a flurry of flints! Did you feel any goosebumps remembering all of the victories of this football dynasty? Then, take our amazing quiz about the New England Patriots!

During the 1984 draft, who did the Patriots choose first?

  • Andre Tippet
  • John Hannah
  • Irving Fryar
  • Mosi Tatupu

In the 1971 draft, who was first pick overall for the Patriots?

  • Archie Manning
  • JD Hill
  • Dan Pastorini
  • Jim Plunkett

Which Super Bowl year did the Patriots first play?

  • 1976
  • 2001
  • 1996
  • 1985

In the early 90s, this player (a Patriots QB) threw for 3072 yards with 9 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.

  • Tony Eason
  • Tommy Hodson
  • Hugh Millen
  • Drew Bledsoe

The Patriots lost Super Bowl XXXI to Green Bay. Who was the MVP of that game?

  • Brett Favre
  • Desmond Howard
  • Antonio Freeman
  • Darren Sharper

Who became the owner of the Patriots in 1994?

  • Robert Kraft
  • Pete Carroll
  • Bill Parcells
  • Art Modell

In the 1992 season, the Patriots only won 2 games. Who was the QB this season?

  • Scott Zolak
  • Scott Secules
  • Tommy Hodson
  • Drew Bledsoe

During one preseason game at Boston College, fans were forced onto the field with the Patriots. What happened that caused this?

  • The stands caught on fire
  • The stands collapsed
  • A bomb scare
  • A shooting

Which Patriot owner originally had plans to move the team to St. Louis?

  • Art Modell
  • James Orthwein
  • Billy Sullivan
  • Victor Kiam

How many attempts and how many completions did Drew Bledsoe have when he set the record in one game?

  • 56 and 43
  • 66 and 49
  • 84 and 63
  • 70 and 45

The Patriots moved to this new stadium in 2002.

  • Patriots Stadium
  • Bic Stadium
  • New England Stadium
  • Gillette Stadium

What year was it that the Patriots were instated into the AFL?

  • 1968
  • 1962
  • 1960
  • 1963

Before he coached for the Patriots, where did Dick Macpherson coach?

  • Arizona State
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Syracuse
  • Seattle Seahawks

Which Patriot won the Super Bowl MVP and set a record for being the youngest ever to do so?

  • Mike Haynes
  • Tom Brady
  • Steve Grogan
  • John Hanna

From 1971-2001, which stadium was the Patriots' home stadium?

  • Fenway Park
  • Harvard Stadium
  • Alumni Stadium
  • Foxboro Stadium

Which of these players was a wide receiver for the Patriots and was also drafted by the Red Sox (baseball)?

  • Hart Lee Dykes
  • Cedric Jones
  • Stanley Morgan
  • Greg Mcmurtry

What city did the Patriots call their home before they moved and changed their name in 1971?

  • Baltimore
  • Concord
  • Boston
  • Chicago

Who held the Patriots' record for all-time leading receiver before Troy Brown broke the record in 2006?

  • Hart Lee Dykes
  • Vincent Brisby
  • Irving Fryar
  • Stanley Morgan

Which player led the league in receptions as a Tight End in 1991, and went to the Pro Bowl that year?

  • Keith Jackson
  • Ben Coates
  • Eric Sievers
  • Marv Cook