Written by: Katherine

Date: February 10, 2021

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About This Quiz

The exchange of glances, the coming and going of smiles, the body game, specific collaboration, and the excellent conversation that extends even when there is no subject, the delights of good flirting make the heart beat faster. Whether by the presence of that particular person, whether by physical desire, or only by the very art of conquest. After all, flirting is the prelude to any romantic relationship. The habits and codes followed in a flirtation are the results of a cultural norm.

Flirting is a complex activity, related to several aspects, the role of women and men at the time of knowing each other personality, in the way of dealing with intricate feelings and concepts of private and public, expectation, respect, seduction, body space, taking a risk, failures, honor, vulnerability, etc. Just as food, dress, and languages ​​are different, approaching a person also differs. That way, you can’t say it’s better or worse, just unusual. Just another challenge of global life, a variety of flirting ways in which most of the codes are not obvious, and you need to decipher when in a new cultural environment.

This special quiz we have prepared will tell you your flirting style based on your personality. Are you ready?

Pick one go-to flirting move below:

  • Cute texts at night
  • Laughing about anything he says
  • Complimenting

When you see your crush, do you compliment him?

  • I'm usually shy, so I just wave back
  • Most of the time
  • Yes, always

How often do people approach you to flirt?

  • Never
  • It's rare
  • Regularly

How would you wish your partner good luck before something important?

  • I would talk later to don't distract him
  • I would tell him motivational things
  • I would kiss him

Pick your silent flirt way below:

  • Quick eye contact
  • A sexy wink
  • Shake my hair

How would you reply if your crush compliments your outfit?

  • "Thanks, you look good too!"
  • "I knew this was your favorite color"
  • "I dressed for you"

Pick your favorite place to a first date:

  • Theater
  • Walk on the park
  • Festival

Choose a quality your crush must have:

  • Must be funny
  • Must be adventurous
  • Must support me

What are you scared of when flirting?

  • Being rejected, it always hurt
  • Be seen as clumsy
  • Be seen as naughty

Which one of those actresses are you a fan?

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Emma Stone
  • Sandra Bullock

Pick a perfume scent below:

  • Fruity
  • Woodsy
  • Gourmand