Written by: Katherine

Date: February 3, 2021

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Image: @taaarannn/@selenagomez

About This Quiz

Women all over the world care about how they look and always try to look perfect. But along with the rapid development of the beauty industry, prices are also rising, and some procedures and cosmetics are not accessible to everyone. But there is good news, you can always resort to cheap beauty tricks, which are sometimes even more effective than all types of cosmetic products and beauty salon procedures.
Every month new and varied beauty products appear for the most diverse feminine (and masculine) purposes. However, in the midst of all, there are some that stand out, and there are also many old and traditional products that never cease to be a “must-have” of beauty.

Even among the beauty industry brands, each one has, in its collections, one, two, or three products or even an entire line that ends up conquering many fans, either for its quality, versatility, colors, durability, or even for ease of application. And in each segment of makeup, body, and hair care, there are the best sellers, such as the most loved blush or shampoo among vain, bloggers, and experts in the field. Now, if you are a great consumer of cosmetics, you probably don’t think twice when paying expensive for the great brand or product you wish. How much do you spend on it, what’s your budget? This quiz will help you to find out.

Do you share your cosmetic with your friends?

  • No, that's way too personal
  • Only in emergencies
  • Yes, why not?

Have you ever used a homemade mask or cosmetics?

  • No, never
  • I did it once
  • Yes, I love them

Do you prefer expensive or cheap perfumes?

  • Expensive always
  • If I like it, I can go for the cheaper
  • Cheap always

How much do you spend monthly on cosmetics?

  • More than 300$
  • Around 150$
  • Around 40$

What's your opinion on cheap nail polish?

  • Never I would use
  • I would consider
  • My preference

Do you like to test cosmetics when you can while shopping?

  • No, that's low class
  • Only with the expensive cosmetics
  • Yes, that's the best part

Do you have acne breakups from using makeup?

  • No, I don't have this problem
  • Only when I use some unknown brand of cosmetic
  • Yes, always...

Do you buy expensive makeup?

  • Yes
  • When it's on sale
  • Cheap one can be good too

Do you have a single cosmetic in which you always choose the expensive version?

  • Yes, all of them
  • Maybe one or two
  • No

Do you use only expensive shampoos and conditioners?

  • Only when I can afford it
  • Yes
  • No

Would you use a cheap lipstick?

  • Yes, why not?
  • Only if I like the color
  • Never