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Date: July 3, 2021

Dallas Mavericks Trivia
Image: Dallas Maverick

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The Dallas Mavericks are a newer team in the NBA but have had their share of terrible seasons mixing with the excellent ones.

Starting off-guard in Jim Spanarkel led the Mavs in point per game, at 16.2 ppg in 1980-82. The Cowboys won 13 regular-season titles in 1992 and won Super Bowl XXVII ’93 quickly. After a slow start to his NBA career, Steve Nash teamed with Dirk Nowitzki, Mike Finley, and Juwan Howard for 27 games to lead the Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks have a rich history that dates back to 1978. The Dallas Mavericks have been one of the most successful franchises in the NBA, with players like Jimmy Carter, Dirk Nowitzki (who retired in 2010), and Deron Williams.

In this Dallas Mavericks trivia, you’re about to test your knowledge on some of their greatest players and games!

NBA Trivia: Dallas Mavericks Trivia Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Their first game resulted in a loss of 111–96 to expansion counterpart New York Knicks. Their first win came two days later with a 108–64 victory over fellow expansion team Miami Heat.

The Mavericks lost their first 18 games and struggled in the early years, finishing no higher than sixth in the Western Conference during their first five seasons.

The Mavericks have been playing well as of late, winning 14 out of their last 20 games! Dallas is currently on a two-game winning streak.

Who was the Dallas Mavericks’ first head coach? 

The franchise’s first head coach was Dick Motta, who served from 1980-1992.

Dirk Nowitzki Stats

Dirk Werner Nowitzki is a German professional mavericks’ player. He is the highest-scoring foreign-born player in NBA history. Dirk made his debut with the Mavericks on October 19, 1999, and has since been a dominant figure for Dallas.

He has led them to 15 playoff appearances while making 11 All-Star Game appearances. Dirk Nowitzki’s stats show that he is among one of the greatest European players ever.

Another few facts about Dirk Nowitzki:

  • He is a 13 time NBA All-Star.
  • Has won an MVP Award and has been named to both the All-NBA Team and All-Defensive Team.
  • As of 2017, he was second in all-time points scored.

Who Was The First Dallas Maverick To Have His Jersey Number Retired?

Brad Davis was their late most valuable player in the first regular season. During the 1980s, Davis played for the Anchorage Northern Knights of the Continental Basketball Association.

The guard Brad Davis, 6 ft 3, spent most of his 12 years with the Mavs. In April, his #15 jersey was raised to the ceiling of Reunion Arena. He raised his jersey #15 in 1992. Davis will be the one to play in Dallas after retiring from basketball in 1993.

What Was The Mavericks’ Largest Margin Of Victory?

The Mavericks recorded their most significant victory in recent times when they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 123-60 in November. Dallas’s 53-point margin surpassed its 51-point win over the NY Knicks in January 2010.

Which Maverick Is The Youngest Player In NBA History To Record Three Triple-Doubles?

Luka Doni has had five triple-doubles among teenagers in NBA history. With 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 assists, Luka D. recorded his third triple-double of 19 in his win over Charlotte on February 6, 2019.

What Is The Dallas Mavericks Name?

The team’s name is based on the 1956 TV Western Maverick. James Garner, who appeared with the title character in the series, was one of the original ownership groups.

What’s The Longest Winning Streak In Mavericks History?

In 2006-07, the Mavs notched multiple double figures wins spanning 17 games that saw them finish the season with a 67–15 mark.

When did the Mavericks win the NBA championship?

Dallas’ first NBA championship occurred in 2011, following a tough seven-game series against the Miami Heat.

This quiz has 25 general trivia questions about the Mavs! We hope you enjoy it, as well as our collection of NBA quizzes. If you did, please share with your friends and family who are die-hard Mavs fans, so they can put their knowledge to the test.

When the Mavs traded to get Antoine Walker, who did they trade with?

  • LA Lakers
  • Miami Heat
  • Boston Celtics
  • Denver Nuggets

Which of the following Mavs had been in the NBA the longest at the beginning of the 2001-02 season?

  • Danny Manning
  • Mark Cuban
  • Don Nelson
  • Tim Hardaway

In 2002, the Mavericks lost a game against the Lakers after having a significant lead in the 4th quarter. How large was their lead?

  • 15 points
  • 27 points
  • 32 points
  • 21 points

During game 3 of the 2003 Western Conference semifinals, the Mavericks faced the Kings. How many points did Nick Van Exel score in that game?

  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50

What mascot does the team have?

  • A horse
  • A dog
  • A wolf
  • A bear

Which of the following Mavericks players is from Germany?

  • Mike Bibby
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Tim Hardaway
  • Don Nelson

What win-loss record did the Mavericks have in the 2002-03 season?

  • 60-22
  • 40-42
  • 50-32
  • 56-26

Which player set a playoff career high while playing the Mavs-Kings series?

  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Tim Hardaway
  • Mike Bibby
  • Luke Doncic

What number did Michael Finley have with the Mavericks?

  • 4
  • 14
  • 23
  • 27

Which Mav led the team in rebounding during the 2000-01 season?

  • Steve Nash
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Christian Laettner
  • Michael Finley

Which Mavericks player went to Seton Hall?

  • Adrian Griffin
  • Raja Bell
  • Charlie Bell
  • Shawn Bradley

When they went into overtime during a 2003 game, which team did the Mavericks defeat for the first time?

  • Boston Celtics
  • Utah Jazz
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Minnesota Wolves

Which of the following players was NOT part of the "Big Three" from the 2002-03 season?

  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Nick Van Exel
  • Steve Nash
  • Michael Finley

In 2003, how many NBA teams were from Texas, including the Mavs?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Which Maverick had the nickname "The Wizard"?

  • Michael Finley
  • Steve Nash
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Walt Williams

During game 3 of the 2003 Western Conference Finals, which star Mavericks player was injured?

  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Raja Bell
  • Michael Finley
  • Avery Johnson

Which player earned the sixth man award during the playoffs?

  • Juwan Howard
  • Brandon Bass
  • Steve Nash
  • Antwan Jamison

Which of the following players has only ever played for the Mavericks?

  • Rolando Blackman
  • Greg Buckner
  • Steve Nash
  • Michael Finley

When did Mark Cuban become the owner of the Mavericks?

  • 2000-2001
  • 2001-2002
  • 2002-2003
  • 2003-2004

During the 2002-03 season, who was the team's General Manager?

  • Keith Grant
  • Frank Zaccanelli
  • Don Nelson
  • Norm Sonju

Which of the following did not have a job as assistant coach during the 2001-02 season for the Mavs?

  • Rolando Blackman
  • Del Harris
  • Brad Davis
  • Derek Harper

The Mavericks finished in what place in the 2003-04 Western Conference finals?

  • 5th
  • 4th
  • 3rd
  • 2nd

During the 2002-03 season, who did the Mavs have as their head coach?

  • Don Nelson
  • Rick Carlisle
  • Rick Carlisle Jim Cleamons
  • Avery Johnson

Which player was waved by the Mavs just before the beginning of the 2001-02 regular season?

  • Muggsy Bogues
  • Tariq Abdul-Wahad
  • Christian Laettner
  • Shawn Bradley

Which player holds number 41 for the team?

  • Seth Curry
  • Maxi Kleber
  • Luka Doncic
  • Dirk Nowitzki