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Date: September 28, 2021

hardest friends quiz
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About This Quiz

You’re about to take the hardest Friends quiz of your life! Do you consider yourself a true Friends fan? Maybe you’ve watched the sitcom a dozen times from beginning to end, or perhaps you’ve only seen a few episodes and don’t consider yourself a major fan. Either way, this trivia quiz will likely be challenging if you feel yourself a Friends fanatic. Take the hardest & ultimate friends quiz of your life and find out! Start the questions now to see how well you know one of America’s top sitcoms from beginning to end.

The Hardest Friends Quiz Ever! You’ll Need Real Unagi To Answer.

Are you a true fan? You’re about to take one of America’s hardest Friends quiz. Maybe you’ve watched “Friends” once or twice, but don’t consider yourself an expert on all things Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani. 

This quiz will truly challenge some fanatic Friends fans. No other show has genuinely touched a chord with hardcore fans, no matter what. The relatability of the story boils down to the main characters and their daily challenges. The shows manage to find balance and capture the beauty in the simplest things. We prepared some quizzes that proved that they were wrong. Here is the toughest friend quiz ever. This test challenges everyone to determine who is the most addicted Friends fans around the world. This show’s worth a million years of love, happiness, and memories.

Friends History

Friends is an American comedy show about six friends (Rachel, Monica, Phoebe Joey, Chandler, and Ross). The TV series was produced by Marta Kaufmann. Hekster’s cognitive psychologist has shown that this sitcom offers excellent help with some life troubles. Psychologists say it is an experience of repairing because we watch characters who are constantly worried. After a while, these problems will actually disappear, and that’s the goal of dealing with even trivial issues. The series demonstrates how to deal with any, even the most complicated problems you face, using the help of Friends.

Sit Back And Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Taking a Friends Quiz is absolutely the perfect way to spend a night. The writers for this show achieved an impossible feat: they filmed a Sitcom which never gets old, even with time. If you also love the adventures of Monica Geller, Rachel Ross, Phoebe Buffay, Joey, and Chandler, please see how you stand with the knowledge of this famous production! The trivia quiz is about testing your understanding of Friends. The answers will be really challenging. Do you remember Ross, that romantic scientist? Is it better to see your pedantic Monica or Joey incredible man? Take a look at our quiz. But before you start, below, you can check some great trivia!

Trivia Quiz: What Industry Does Melanie Work in?

In the first season finale of the TV series Season 1, Episode 1, “Where Rachel Finds Out,” our audience sees Joey inviting Melanie to the party for the birthday of Monica. Although Melanie wants to take it further with Joey and sleep with him, the latter declines to participate in a sexually related research program. He still seems to please her, which makes her crazy for him, so she fills her flat with gifts from her industry! It has Rachel finding out about J.

Where do you see Richard and Monica in the future?

Monica Geller and Richard reflect upon their plans. Richard tells her that he’s seeing them in another city in another world without kids. Monica wants children to have children but won’t discuss it too much because it would turn uncomfortable. However, later – Richard compromises that he’d want kids with her. They split up anyway because Monica wants someone who is actually seeking marriage. The episode “The One with Mindy’s wedding’s Wedding” is a new episode in The Mindy Showcase.

What were the names of the bullies in “The One with the Bullies”?

Ross and Chandler must deal with two undesirable and potentially violent people who start bullying them. I remember the names of the boys. What happened to them? This episode is the latest in the series Ross & Chandler. Two male characters are in a coffee shop at the opening moment of the episode.

Who kisses Chandler in the Movie “The One with the Monkey”?

Chandler comes up with a no-date new-year new plan that none of the gang actually enjoys. Surprisingly, Chandler broke the pact first after Janice had a date with him. Ultimately, everything goes wrong, but everyone can finally be alone. But Chandler is still moaning over a lack of kisses that night so that one of them kisses him to silence him down! The others get their dates to keep the promise, but Chandler still complains about having none yet.

What was Monica allergic to in the Movie “The One with the List”?

In this episode, she gets job interviewing, which means she must develop several recipes using a mock late product used as an alternative to cocoa. While the product seemed pretty disgusting, she did try to make the recipe anyway. The product wasn’t approved, so her agent introduced her to Fistachio’s pistaches of ‘reconstructed fish pieces’ before the applicant could enter. Rachel and Phoebe eat and then find out that it is actually fish.

What did Nana steal from everywhere?

In ‘The One Where Nana Dies Twice,’ we meet Monica and Ross’ grandma, Althea (also called Nana). They reminisce about Nana’s habits, including one when she stole packets of a given product from everywhere she could find. They’re stunned as Nana suddenly stops moving while Ross attempts to offer her a goodbye kiss. After this, but she remains still and dies completely. The one where Nana died again of an accident is those where his grandmother died.

Friends Trivia Quiz: What was Phoebe’s apartment address?

Phoebe’s apartment can be found in the episode of Joey’s New Brain. Her grandmother Frances gave the condo to her granddaughter. Unfortunately, this apartment has burned, and she has lived there as Monica and Chandler for a while. Frances initially owned it, who died when she died, but she passed it on to Buffay. She continued to live in the apartment during the series and lived with Monica Chandler and Gary.

What insect is in Ross’ apartment?

The living room of Ross has a combination of mahogany, whites, and browns. He has an extensive painting on its walls, small wood sculptures, and busts on his shelves. His modest wood shelves are aplenty that complement his other furnishings and items such as a vase, lamp, and centerpiece tables. On the left bank is what looked like a circled blue plaque that contains an insect! Ross’s house carries a rustic and homey vibe!

What was Chip Matthews’ motorcycle named?

Chip Matthews was a recurring character who attended secondary school together with Rachel and Monica. He was a popular and cool kid. He owned and ran a motorcycle. His date was with Rachel, and he has even taken her to parties. So, he ended up abandoning her and going to have sex with Amy Welsh anyway. After that, he left him to date two other girls, Amy Welsh, in the show. The show ended with a cliffhanger.

Who does Joey say Chandler is in love within “The One Where Eddie is

In EP 1: Eddie Moving In,” we see Joey living in his new apartment. Everybody goes to except Chandler, who is very tough at moving out situations. All three men watch Baywatch one night, then go for a chat over the phone. Then Joey commentated on a specific actress on Baywatch whom Joey teases Chandler like the woman she loves. Matthew Perry, who plays Chandler, did indeed date this actress.

What does Rachel’s father offer in “The One with the East Germans”?

Rachel’s dad promised something different if she just returned home. The episode is “The One with the East German Laundry Detergent” Rachel is determined to show him that she is ready to be independent. She can stand her ground at the laundromat, and Ross teaches her how to do this at first, but she is still a baby girl. Rachel’s father promises to bring the woman again if they come home.

Where does Rachel apply for a job in “The One with All the Poker”

Rachel is overworked at Central Perk as a waitress and constantly called with merely “excuse me.” She has an interview with a particular firm for a buyer assistant. She does not have a job in this place. Furthermore, she takes these on Later on while they were playing poker, which she won in a whole house and by which the gang believes is Ross’s love of Rachel! Later, they play video poker versus her.

Where does Chandler travel in “The One with All the Rugby”?

Chandler can’t stand his ex Janice, who apparently does still love him so deeply. She wants him to get rid of her, but Chandler still uses excuses to get rid of her. He makes up his excuse for working in Yemen and also gives Janice a fake alias. She won’t get there to find him if she does board the plane – which he does!

Ultimate Friends Quiz: What was the giant poking device made of?

Joey and Monica devise a plan to verify if the Ugly Naked Guy still exists. Phoebe knows that each time she goes to a doctor who has died, she is afraid of dying. Joey installed an app to knock on Joely’s door rather than hitting it.

What was the dog called in “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like”?

Phoebe Buffay sneaks a puppy into a building that she promised to take care of friends. It begins with Chandler’s entire problem with holding on to a dog in the apartment. The olsa was moved with Ross’s dog. Unfortunately, Monica took it back! The latest episode of “Discovery of Covens” reveals Chandler’s longstanding fear of dogs. The story concludes with a cliffhanger.

What triggered Ross’ kiwi allergy in “The One with the Dragons.”

Ross Geller was allergic to kiwi fruit when he ate one of Monica’s meals. Esar’s proof now indicates he actually has a Ph.D.! It takes place when he has crushed Monica’s arm into a pulp during his first allergy shot. At the close of the episode, Chandler actually gives Ross a bite of food! Chandler kept Ross from eating the food!

What Word Does Ross Stumble On In “The One With The Stoned Guy”?

Celia tries to take Ross on a date. She wants him to ‘talk dirty to her. When he sees a phrase, he ends up just cuddling with her and not having sex. He even seeks aid from Joey, something it gives him still unfamiliarity. He ends up cuddling with Celia, even if he’s awkward.

Who Were The Bullies In ‘The One With The Bulls?’

Software engineer at all hours and writer at night. He is an avid listener to pop culture and anything nerdy. Every hour, he can be observed ranting on Twitter and working up a migraine (What a hypocrite!). He’s a very functional sociopath. He can’t wait to know when he gets back to work.


Friends is an iconic show that has been playing for over 20 years. We all have our favorite episodes and characters, but can you get 87% or higher on this quiz? If so, congratulations! You’re part of the true fans of Friends who deserve to wear your “I’m Ross Geller” shirt while watching reruns. For those of us not feeling as confident in ourselves today, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty more recent quizzes that will help test your knowledge about everything from Harry Potter books to general knowledge facts. Play now!

What roulette number does Ross ask Chandler and Joey to place a $20 bet on during their trip to Vegas?

  • Red 21
  • Black 15
  • Black 14
  • Red 7

What's the name of the actress who played Chloe?

  • Angela Featherstone
  • Maggie Wheeler
  • Jane Sibbett
  • Bonnie Somerville

Do you remember the amount of Brown Bird cookie boxes Ross sold?

  • 17
  • 300
  • 517
  • 427

How is Russ, Ross's doppelganger played by David Schwimmer, listed in the credits?

  • Snaro
  • Cousin
  • Donne
  • Russ

Three people died while Phoebe was at the dentist, and she was convinced she was cursed. Name them.

  • John, her uncle, and Dr. Roger
  • Guru Saj and Albino Bob
  • John, her mailman; Albino Bob; and Aunt Mary
  • Cousin Frannie, Albino Bob, and Dr. Roger

What is the size of Joey's shoes?

  • 6
  • 9
  • 10
  • 7

Chandler has three secret tricks to explain his skills at tweezing eyebrows. Can you remember?

  • Moisturizer, warm water, and cold pineapple
  • Ice cubes, aloe vera, and a gentle, self-loathing touch
  • Warm water, ice cubes and sleep on the backs
  • Olive oil, cold water, and a bit of blue

What are the names of the guys who Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe find to date Rachel for a charity event?

  • Joseph and Snaro
  • Josh and Billy
  • Eldad and Patrick
  • Billy and Philip

Which actor played the Ugly Naked Guy in the show?

  • Jon Haugen
  • Giovanni Ribisi
  • Paul Rudd
  • Elliot Gould

Do you remember Joey's ATM PIN?

  • 8492
  • 1029
  • 5639
  • 472

What does Chandler tell Phoebe that cigarettes are called in Hawaii?

  • Lei-lana-lukus
  • Kaili-lawa-hine
  • Leia-loha-makaiau
  • Anela-lana-hine

Do you remember the date of Chandler's and Monica's wedding?

  • June 7, 2001
  • June 1, 1999
  • May 15, 2001
  • Oct 21, 2002

Who lives in the apartment beneath Chandler and Joey?

  • Jill Goodacre
  • Joshua Burgin
  • Mrs. Geller
  • Mrs. Catrokis

Do you remember the Phoebe's address?

  • 5, E 89th Street, Apartment 14
  • 5 Morton Street, Apartment 14
  • 166, Foster Avenue
  • 5, Newport Street, Apartment 6

When was the pilot of "Friends" aired?

  • Sept. 20, 1995
  • Oct. 12, 1994
  • Sept. 22, 1994
  • Sept. 22, 1995

Which stage from Warner Bros. was renamed the Friends Stage after the show's last episode because it was shot there from Season 2 to 10?

  • Stage 31
  • Stage Alpha
  • Stage 24
  • Stage 15

What was Janice's maiden name?

  • Mortenger
  • Hannigan
  • Mitchell
  • Hosenstein

During his birthday party, Jack is searching for his special signed baseball bat. Do you remember what player signed it?

  • Harmon Killebrew
  • John Olerud
  • Fred McGriff
  • Bernie Williams

Name the two imaginary kids created by Joey for his character when he's working with Chandler.

  • Chloe and Ashley
  • Brittany and Ashley
  • Ray and Jude
  • Jude and Christine

Do you remember the names of the three cats Chandler's secretary has?

  • Bella, Cleo, and Jinkys
  • Murphy, Oscar, and Louie
  • Fitzhugh, Jinkys and Mittens
  • Mochi, Mitchican, and Sunny

Do you remember Rachel's room number Rachel in Barbados?

  • 1202
  • 1345
  • 190 A
  • 16 B

How many appearances did Fat Monica have on the show?

  • Five
  • One
  • Six
  • Two

Do you remember the number of Rachel's flight to Paris?

  • 201
  • 722
  • 047
  • 421