Written by: Katherine

Date: February 3, 2021

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Image: @selenagomez/@justinbieber

About This Quiz

Some people have a very pessimistic view of the breakup, as if it is something terrible, with closed rooms and long hours of crying and gnashing of teeth. In fact, they weren’t the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Dating has a cycle, it has phases, and the end of it will guarantee if you are going to stay with that person or not. A breakup is something that involves a lot of losses of goals, of what you expected in a relationship and the life you imagined to live with someone. Let’s be realistic. Not everyone can keep a friendship with the ex-partner after the breakup, and often the construction of friendship is complicated because one of the two still nourishes feelings for the other.

It may even seem easier to face a friendship with your ex when you were the one who ended the relationship. But not always are things that simple. If you broke up and your ex still liking you, it is better to get away and not give false
hopes for them. If you are facing a situation like this right now, this quiz will help you on how to behave from now!

Did he leave any of his clothes in your house?

  • He still didn't pack his stuff
  • There are still one or two t-shirts from him here
  • No, he already packed everything he had

What have you done after your break up?

  • I've been down since then
  • I've felt normal, to be honest
  • I've gone to the club with my friends

What was his way of showing affection to you?

  • He would always text me when we were not together
  • He would always hold my hands
  • He was always cold

On your first month's birthday, what did he do?

  • He sent you a beautiful text
  • He forgot
  • Brought you a nice gift

When you broke up with him, how did he react?

  • He made a big a drama of it
  • He was very comprehensive and we ended up in good terms
  • He didn't bother

What is his opinion on your friends?

  • He doesn't have anything against them
  • He dislikes them
  • He thinks they are nice

How do your friends react after knowing about your break up?

  • They only want to see me happy
  • They felt sad
  • They never liked him

How long did your relationship last?

  • More than one year
  • Less than one year
  • A month

How often did you text him since you broke up?

  • Every night
  • A couple of times
  • Once

How do his friends treat you after your break up?

  • They treat me the same
  • They have never talked to me since
  • They don't talk to me as much as they did before

Before you begin your relationship, you were:

  • BFF
  • friends of friends
  • We didn't know each other