Written by: Katherine

Date: January 7, 2021

the walking dead trivia
Image: The Walking Dead. Fox

About This Quiz

How much do you it all about the show?

There’s no way anyone can ace this The Walking Dead Trivia Quiz! Can you?

From the beginning, The Walking Dead has always made it clear that it would be a phenomenal series. The recipe was indeed perfect in every way: suspense, an electrifying plot, complex characters, and, of course, lots of zombies! The original AMC series has even had over 20 million viewers invested in its episodes, especially those considered most epic!

The fight, which was initially to survive the zombie attack, soon gave way to a new course: to survive the humans who effectively survived the existence of zombies! The plot started to explore the cruelest aspect of survival and still poses a very pertinent question: should we fear the dead or the living people more?

The series is so intricate and has many layers, but it truly does offer everything that would catch the public’s attention, especially those who enjoy this genre: violence, impressive deaths, and characterization that borders on realism!
Those who have not yet immersed themselves in the show need to prepare because there are already ten seasons to date! And that means that a lot has happened. There have been so many characters introduced, and intricate relationships formed as the survivors do their best to stay safe in an era of zombies. It’s time to jump into the plot and watch all the seasons of the series here! If you are already a fan, get ready for our quiz!