Written by: Katherine

Date: January 31, 2021

Is Your Crush Boyfriend Material?
Image: @zayn/@harrystyles

About This Quiz

There is a big difference between having a crush and having a boyfriend. The problem is that sometimes we do not distinguish these differences, and this can cause some future problems. Before thinking about moving from a crush to a boyfriend, you need to keep in mind what their differences are.

A woman needs to keep in mind when she is dating a man that she does not have the same responsibilities that a girlfriend would have, but this does not happen very often. It is not uncommon to find women who give more importance to their boyfriend than to friends, family and end up reserving their weekends only for their partner or reserving a large part of their time for him with the excuse that it is very good to be in his presence.

This is a privilege that a boyfriend usually has. If your crush manifests feelings like always taking care of you, asks if he needs to pick you at your job or college.

Now, we can also analyze his behavior to check if he is boyfriend material. This quiz was specially prepared to tell you if he is ready to go serious with you. Get ready!

You need to stay after school for some project, what does he do?

  • Say you can meet later and go home
  • He waits for you
  • He goes home

What is his answer when you ask him for help in some project?

  • "Maybe, I will need to see if I will be busy"
  • "Sure, when can we meet?"
  • "Sorry, I'm busy"

When you try to make some physical contact with him, what's his reaction?

  • He asks why I'm touching him
  • He touches me back
  • He says he don't enjoy touches

You are in the final exams, what's his reaction?

  • He says he will spend his time studying alone
  • He wants to go to your house to study together
  • He wants to copy my test

How does your crush compliment you?

  • Through a smile
  • Saying your name
  • By waving at you

What do you talk about when texting?

  • He asks me tips for the science test
  • He asks me if I'm going to the party
  • He asks if my friend is single

What your crush do when it's your birthday?

  • He buys you a small gift
  • He organizes a birthday party for me
  • Nothing at all

You see him in a store buying some clothes, what do you talk to each other?

  • He asks for fashion tips
  • The new restaurant in the town which he wants to visit
  • He comments on the beautiful girls around

He found out you have achieved something great, what's his reaction?

  • He congratulates you and that's it
  • He asks if you want to celebrate it later
  • He doesn't say anything

How often do you see him during the day?

  • At the start and at the end of school time
  • A couple of times
  • Once, when we are going home

When someone asks you two to take a picture together, how he reacts?

  • He stays close to you and smiles to the camera
  • He hugs you for the picture
  • "No, thanks"