Written by: Katherine

Date: January 15, 2021

Is Your Boyfriend More Into Your Image Than You
Image: @machinegunkelly/@iansomerhalder

About This Quiz

It is essential for each person to love every personality trait of their partner in a relationship, from its most admirable virtues to its flaws. It is necessary for the two to be proud of each other, because only in this way can they form a stable and lasting relationship.

The problem is that the partner can’t always perceive this need. Some men consider only the woman’s appearance without feeling the best of her inner beauty. Deep down, what they think essential is how others see this relationship, and not whether their partner is happy.

They want to fill the void of their own ego without valuing the best their loved one has. Some behaviors can indicate whether a man is being self-centered in a relationship. Often being praised by your partner is significant. Still, when those praises revolve only around your appearance, it’s a red alert.

You have many qualities, in addition to appearance. This is a clear sign that he is not at all interested in your intelligence and opinions.

This personality quiz was specially prepared to help you find out if your boyfriend or husband is only focused on your image. Get ready.

You have a pimple on your backs, he:

  • He asks if you want him to pop it for you
  • Says "Ew"
  • Asks if I need some cream to solve it

What is your main goal in your life?

  • Build a family
  • To keep my friends
  • Realize my dreams

How he reacts when you confront him about his flirting with other girls?

  • He says it was just a confusion and explains everything
  • He tells me to believe whatever I want
  • He makes a joke and ignores me

How long did it take for you to fall in love with your partner?

  • At the first date
  • Months
  • Years

What does he say when a gorgeous girl sits near you?

  • "Do you think she has a boyfriend?"
  • "You're my princess"
  • "She is fine"

Your parents are mad on him for some reason, what he do?

  • He asks if you want to plan a meetup, so he can try to reconcile with them
  • He tells your parents suck and he doesn't want to talk to them
  • He brings gifts to your parents to seal the peace

What's his reaction when your team loses the championship?

  • He tries to comfort me
  • He will make fun of me, for sure!
  • He invites me to do something together after the game

How does your boyfriend compliment you when he comes home?

  • "Hi, sexy"
  • "Your hair looks beautiful"
  • "Hi babe"

Which word would your boyfriend use to describe you?

  • Strong
  • Intelligent
  • Wonderful

Have you ever fight with your boyfriend?

  • We fight every time, it sucks
  • A few
  • Regularly, but we always solve it

What gift does he give for you on your birthday?

  • A frame with a funny picture of us
  • A gift card for my favorite store
  • Chocolates and a poem