Written by: Katherine

Date: February 3, 2021

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Image: @historyvikings/@witchernetflix

About This Quiz

Do you think the desire for revenge is common? Like you, thousands of people share the same belief, especially if subjected to a situation in which they were purposely harmed by someone. It’s the right of retribution, right? Not always. Despite being an extremely common feeling that can emerge in the most different personalities, revenge does have a dark side, starting with the fact that it is an intense feeling, difficult to control.

Often, the desire to take revenge ends up being more damaging to those who host it. However, this is the most immediate aspect of revenge. In the long run, the feeling of uneasiness aroused by the original offense persists, and the attempt to be rewarded only serves to fuel the discomfort. This is because, instead of providing a feeling of justice, revenge unleashes a cycle of retaliation.

The best revenge is not to take revenge. The best strategy is to remain calm and act wisely, to demonstrate to others that anger is unable to suffocate you. Stop, take a deep breath and regain your balance, making it clear that you refuse to carry negative feelings for a long time. What about it, would you say you are a vengeful person? This special quiz was prepared to give you that answer!

How would you react if the fast-food closed right when you were to order a meal?

  • I would make a drama until they serve me
  • I would respectfully try to convince them to serve my order
  • I would go somewhere else

How do you react when something bad happens to you?

  • Bad things happen...
  • I try to solve it asap
  • I get a lot upset

Did you ever engage in a discussion on your social media?

  • Yes, I'm always looking for a debate
  • Maybe once
  • No, I don't have time for that

What has the reason for the end of one of your friendships?

  • Betrayal
  • We weren't sharing the same interests anymore
  • I've left town

How do you react when your friend tells you something that hurts?

  • I would ignore him for some time until he realizes he done something bad
  • I wouldn't mind
  • I would discuss it with him

Did you like your last boss?

  • I really hated him
  • I was neutral about him
  • Yes, we are friends now

How do you react when a buddy is late in a meeting?

  • I will just cancel the meeting
  • I will make him know I'm mad, but I forget it after
  • I don't mind at all

What would you do if your partner cheated on you?

  • I would break all his stuff and then dump him
  • I would break up with him immediately
  • I would try to forgive him

If you borrowed something to your buddy, but he returned it in a worse condition, how would you react?

  • I would fight and never borrow anything else to him
  • I would ask him to replace it
  • I wouldn't mind

Do you have an archenemy?

  • Yes, I have a lot
  • There are some people I dislike, but nothing so hard
  • Not really

How do you react when you get criticized?

  • I will make a discussion of it
  • I dislike hearing it, but they may be right
  • It's always great to receive feedback