Written by: Katherine

Date: April 18, 2021

Boston Bruins
Image: Boston Bruins Prince of Wales Trophy [wikimedia]

About This Quiz

A trivia about a traditional team, Boston Bruins was the first American ice hockey team to join the NHL (National Hockey League). It was one of the “Original Six”, as well as the second American team to win the Stanley Cup in 1928.

There were six Stanley Cups won by the team in its history, making it the second most successful American franchise, behind only Detroit Red Wings with eleven titles.

Charles Adams, a great tycoon at the time, led numerous attacks on the NHL, which made them decide to expand to the United States in 1923. A fan of hockey, Adams convinced NHL leaders to move the team to Boston, during the Stanley Cup finals. A match between Montreal Canadiens, the NHL champions, and Calgary Tigers, the Western Conference champions, that took place in November 1924.

Adams then entrusted President Art Ross with the task of naming the team, into something considered a fast, agile, and very cunning animal. “Bruin” is an archaic term for a brown bear, which comes from Dutch “brown”. Ross’s chain of vegetable stores was the inspiration for the brown and yellow colors of the team.

The Boston Bruins played in the Stanley Cup finals the most, with 20 games in total. Unluckily for the team’s fans, the Bruins are also the franchise most defeated in NHL finals history. In 1929, the club won its first title when Cecil Thompson took the team to the top of the podium.

After winning the Stanley Cup again ten years later in 1939, Boston repeated the feat in 1941. Upon winning their third title, the fate of defeat continued for 29 years until their next cup triumph and five final appearances in that period. The team’s glory days returned in 1970 with a new lineup known today as the “Big Bad Bruins”, winning the championship in 1972.

The Bruins rejoined the drought period again after winning their fifth title. Losing five more finals before coming back to top. Zdeno Chara led the team that defeated the Vancouver Canucks in seven games. Unfortunately for the fans, the Bruins have already been defeated in two other Stanley Cup finals since 2011, including 2019 one. The fans hope that the team will not lose three more finals before they regain the most wished trophy in the sport. Are you one of these passionate fans, expecting a huge boom in the franchise performance? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about the Bruins. You will love it!

What year was the first time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup?

  • 1927
  • 1929
  • 1933
  • 1935

Which player was the first to be captain of the Bruins in 1925?

  • Eddie Shore
  • Hal Laycoe
  • Sprague Cleghorn
  • Bobby Bauer

What is the name of the Bruins goal song?

  • "KernKraft 400"
  • "Blow the Lid Off"
  • "Shipping Up to Boston"
  • "Too Strong"

Which team did Cooney Weiland come from when the Bruins drafted him?

  • Montreal Canadiens
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • New York Rangers

The Boston Bruins team was founded in what year?

  • 1910
  • 1914
  • 1920
  • 1924

Which of the following players never won an Art Ross Trophy as leading scorer?

  • Phil Esposito
  • Milt Schmidt
  • Ray Bourque
  • Bobby Orr

Ken Linseman had what nickname?

  • The Squirrel
  • The Mouse
  • The Rodent
  • The Rat

The Bruins didn't have a captain for the 1967 season, but had three assistant coaches instead. Which of the following was NOT an assistant captain?

  • Leo Boivin
  • Johnny Bucyk
  • Phil Esposito
  • Ted Green

The Bruins and Sabres rivalry was cultivated between 1982-1992, where they played each other in five playoff series. How many of those games did the Bruins win?

  • 0
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5

In 1967, the Bruins got Phil Esposito from the Chicago Blackhawks and traded away three other players. Which of the following is not one of those three players?

  • Gilles Marotte
  • Fred Stanfield
  • Jack Norris
  • Pit Martin

The "Ultimate Bruin" was a name given to someone who held positions of player, captain, general manager, and coach. Who held this title?

  • Milt Schmidt
  • Art Ross
  • Cooney Weiland
  • Dit Clapper

The original Boston Garden hosted an NHL All-Star Game once. What year was this?

  • 1961
  • 1991
  • 1981
  • 1971

How did the Bruins' first playoff run end up?

  • They lost in the first round
  • They lost in the semifinal
  • They lost in the final
  • They won the Stanley Cup

Before he became "Number Four, Bobby Orr", which jersey number did Orr wear in his first pre-season with the Bruins?

  • 9
  • 27
  • 18
  • 36

Which juinor league did fan favorite Terry O'Reilly play in before he was drafted by the Bruins in 1971?

  • WHL
  • ICAU
  • OHL

Leo Boivin, player of the Bruins for 12 years, was captain for how many years?

  • 0
  • 4
  • 8
  • 12

Which Bruins player has earned over 2,000 penalty minutes?

  • Terry O'Reilly
  • Eddie Shore
  • Zdeno Chara
  • Mike Milbury

When did the team change their colors from brown and yellow to black and gold?

  • 1928
  • 1935
  • 1948
  • 1958

Which Bruins player holds the lead for goals scored, with 545?

  • Bobby Orr
  • Phil Esposito
  • Johnny Bucyk
  • Patrice Bergeron

Bobby Orr was how old when he was signed by the Bruins?

  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 14

Hal Laycoe put his NHL career on hold during World War II and served in which branch of the military?

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marines