Written by: Katherine

Date: February 3, 2021

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Image: @jlo/@jessicabiel

About This Quiz

Everyone agrees that health is the greatest of all blessings we have because without it it is impossible to be happy, or to enjoy anything else, may it be love, success, or money. From time to time, new scientific discoveries, new medicines, diets, and miraculous foods emerge. After a certain time lived and accumulated experiences we realize that we often hear advice that contradicts each other, are forgotten, or simply do not work, like, coffee is good for that but bad for that. Thousands of advice, specialist doctors, exams, health plans, expensive medicines… We cannot live without them, but we may not depend on them exclusively for health.

Taking responsibility for our health is very liberating. And the best tool for that to happen is self-knowledge. When we know ourselves better, we observe carefully and analyze our body and feelings, we learn to recognize uniquely what is good for us and what is not. All of this affects our health. Our body changes over the years and with them the limits and potential. What was good for me, or what I could take may not be the same today. This quiz was prepared exactly for you who would like to know if your health is on point. Get ready!

At college, when do you know it's time to leave the class?

  • Only when I feel I'm passing out
  • When I have some medical emergency
  • My classmates point me I'm not looking very good

Which colour would you like to paint your room?

  • Sky-blue
  • Grey
  • White

How often do you visit the nurse's room at the school?

  • I didn't even know there was a nurse's room
  • I went there once or twice
  • Well, I'm regularly visiting them

Pick the most painful below:

  • Watching the movie Cats(2019)
  • Exams
  • Headaches

Do you read your prescriptions?

  • Never
  • When I have free time
  • Always

Which section of the drugstore are you more familiar with?

  • Cosmetics
  • Candies
  • The aisles for flu and pain

What are the most recommended topics on your Youtube?

  • Music
  • Funny videos
  • Medical videos

How many days did you miss school because of sickness?

  • One or two
  • Around five
  • More than ten

Whose numbers are on your recent calls on the phone?

  • Buddies
  • Pizza delivery
  • My Doctor

Do you envy somebody on crutches?

  • No, thanks to God it isn't me
  • No, but I will wish him a good recovery
  • Yes, I would be able to stay home all week

What is inside your school bag?

  • Some food
  • Ashtma pump for emergencies
  • First Aid Kit