Written by: Katherine

Date: February 1, 2021

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About This Quiz

Think of someone who hardly admits their mistakes, who is unable to apologize, and never steps away in any situation. A person who thinks they are the owner of reason, who thinks they are more competent, and, finally, places themself on a level above the others around them. Certainly, we all know someone like that, and we do not understand this behavior at all.

Facts that can be mistaken for a strong personality, in fact, are great demonstrations of lack of humility. Vanities do not let them see and enjoy the personal growth that is obtained by sharing the victories and experiences of life in communion. In an increasingly artificial world of superficial people, humility has become something difficult to find. It is still common for many people to confuse being humble with their social classification, but they are not synonymous. Humility is not limited to social status but is the essence of someone’s character.

Some very poor people have immense humility, but there are also those who are arrogant and snub others, even if they have nothing of financial value. Money is not the mark of a humble person. Now, based on your experiences and personality, would you say you are a humble person? This quiz will help you to find out!

How many selfies do you post on your social media?

  • It's mostly selfies
  • Half of my pics
  • Only a few to be honest

If you just woke up and you are 10 minutes late for an important meeting, what do you do?

  • I will text the person to tell I'm showing up late
  • Take a quick shower and request a Uber
  • I will get my clothes in my car and wear it at the place of the meeting

What would you do if you and your friend had the same crush?

  • I would try to hook up with her anyway
  • Who makes it first, wins
  • I would leave it for him

Would you attend a high school meeting with the old students?

  • I would think about it
  • Yes, I can't wait to go!
  • I don't think so

You have been hired for your dream job, how would you celebrate?

  • I would go home and open a wine
  • I would go home and celebrate with my family
  • I would invite all my friends to a hangout

What do you think about your looks when you look at the mirror?

  • I'm so handsome!
  • My skin looks so beautiful
  • Damn, I look bad

Have you ever had a hangover?

  • It's rare, I don't drink too much
  • Yes, always!
  • I've never

How do you react when you receive a compliment?

  • I get happy, it's a rare thing to happen
  • I get shy
  • I love it, I know I'm wonderful

Do you have a place to display trophies, medals, diplomas in your home?

  • No, it's all boxed up
  • I have a hidden place in my house for it
  • Yes, right in my living room!

When you are at a party, are you the first to get to the floor?

  • Only if my date asked me to dance
  • Yes, I love to be the first dancing
  • I would go dancing only if a friend came with me

When your buddy tells you a problem, how do you react?

  • I tell him to stop complaining
  • I try to listen to him mindfully
  • I don't care at all