Written by: Katherine

Date: January 9, 2021

gossip girl trivia
Image: The CW

About This Quiz

Even after so much time, Gossip Girl is still unforgettable! Who doesn’t love it?

That’s why Snurpe has made this ultimate Gossip Girl Trivia for you! Only loyal fans can pass, can you?

Manhattan, a school for wealthy teenagers, few adult things to take care of, and all the time in the world to explore the temptations that New York City can offer. The perfect setting for intrigue, malicious comments, and rumors.

From the same producers of The OC, Gossip Girl is based on the narratives of Cecily Von Ziegesar, who tells the story of a group of young millionaires through the eyes of a blogger who knows everything that happens in their lives, and who is eager to find out and expose any scandal. We find out about the intense rivalry that exists between Serena and Blair, love triangles, friends and enemies, and everything that cameras and text messages can reveal.

The drama Gossip Girl won the 10th edition of the Teen Choice Awards, winning six surfboards – the youth award trophy for the best in TV, music, and cinema, whose winners are chosen by viewers themselves over the Internet. Gossip Girl was also voted Best Drama Series and Best New Program. If you are an expert on Gossip Girl, take our specials trivia quizzes now! If you haven’t watched the show yet, take a look at HBOMax!

We at Snurpe know that Gossip Girl is one of the most loved teen drama series! That’s why we made a selection of Gossip Girl Quizzes especially for those fans who want to recap all those beautiful Gossip Girl moments!