Written by: Katherine

Date: January 8, 2021

gossip girl quiz
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Returning home may not be as easy as it seems. Serena Van Der Woodsen decides to return to New York after a year at a boarding school, to stay away from friends and colleagues, but ends up discovering that her problems have not been left behind. The series tells the story of Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, and Dan, who share the most sordid details of the life of the New York elite, from the thirst for popularity in schools to superficial relationships.

Although most of the actors were new to TV, many of them incorporated characters they’d played for years. Gossip Girl, voiced by Kristen Bell, also left its influence with the eternal catchphrase “You know you love me, Xoxo”.

The series became known for launching trends and inspiring the fashion world. “Designers were lining up to be on the show, they wanted their creations on both Blake and Leighton,” recalled Eric Daman, the show’s costume designer, in an interview. Provocative and controversial, Gossip Girl, which was based on a series of teen books, has been on the air until 2012, for six successful seasons. HBO recently bought the rights to stream the series. An expert fan will be able to pass our special trivia quiz about Gossip Girl. You are sure to be one of them, good luck!

We at Snurpe know that Gossip Girl has brought so many fans worldwide, and most of them are still addicted to the show! That’s why we made a collection of Gossip Girl Quizzes specially selected for you! 

Jenny's mother was introduced in S1 E8. What is her name?

  • Vanessa
  • Alison
  • Rachel
  • Melissa

In S1 E3, which university does Dan hope to get into?

  • Baruch College
  • Fordham
  • NYU
  • Dartmouth

Jenny dares Blair to do what at an exclusive club?

  • Sleep with a random guy
  • Kiss a random guy
  • Drink two shots of vodka
  • Dance with a random guy

Who Eleanor chose to be the new face of her clothing brand?

  • Serena
  • Jenny
  • Vanessa
  • Blair

When Blair asks Chuck to dig up something juicy on Serena, where does he catch her?

  • Dylan's Candy Bar
  • The Ostroff Center
  • The Palace Hotel
  • Pulitzer Fountain

After leaving the Humphrey flat, Alison tells her son Dan about the play she wrote when she was younger. What was the name of the main character of that play?

  • Cody
  • Chloe
  • Jennifer
  • Millie

Who did Serena look for in Santorini?

  • Dan
  • Her mother
  • Her father
  • Nate

Who has a birthday in S1 E8?

  • Rufus
  • Blair
  • Serena
  • Jenny

In response to Jenny's dare at the club, what does Blair dare Jenny to do?

  • kiss a random guy
  • call the random guy's fiancee
  • pay a drink to a random guy
  • fight with some girl

Much to Blair's dismay, Serena keeps the attention of which representative all night?

  • New Jersey
  • Hopkins
  • Ohio
  • Yale

Who said the following quote: "I'm adult-napping you."?

  • Nate
  • Dan
  • Ruffus
  • Serena

What names did Scott call Vanessa while she was speaking with Nate?all Vanessa?

  • Serena and Blair
  • Jenny and Claire
  • Jenny and Melissa
  • Melissa and Daniella

In S1 E17, who tries to make a move on Dan?

  • Jenny
  • Vanessa
  • Blair
  • Georgina