Written by: Katherine

Date: January 7, 2021

game of thrones houses quiz
Image: HBO

About This Quiz

How well do you remember the Houses?

In this Game Of Thrones Houses Quiz, you have to pick ten houses based on their motto! Can you guess it all?

Game of Thrones makes it clear from the first season that any character can die. This is also reflected in the main houses of Westeros: some started very powerful and ended up extinct. One of the seven great Houses of Westeros, the Starks, is responsible for maintaining the order in the north. In ancient times they were independent and ruled the north with their Winter Kings. However, that changed with the conquest of Aegon Targaryen, and the Starks swore allegiance to the newly unified Seven Kingdoms. They are one of the few houses to have an ancestral blade of Valyrian steel: Ice.

This is just one of the more popular houses of GoT (as it is often called), but there are many other houses that viewers meet during the seasons.

Each family has its own motto, symbol, and stories. Eleven houses stand out in the Seven Kingdoms and at least one member of each family aims to take the place of King of Westeros. As a fan, we are sure you know every motto and the characteristics of all those families, which is why we’ve prepared this Quiz for you! If you are not a fan or can’t answer all of the questions, it’s time to watch GoT on HBOMax!