Written by: Billie

Date: December 9, 2020

friends trivia: friends couple
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Friends couples will always be the couples that we loved.

Those relationships that we keep in our hearts! Still, there are also those couples Friends wants us to forget. Couples that we tried to pretend never happened! You can only pass this Friends Trivia Questions if you know well the relationships between the iconic Friends Characters!

Friends was released in September 1994, and even after its end in 2004, the series is still one of the most downloaded on the internet. It is estimated that 51.1 million people have seen the final episode of the series in the United States, making Friends have the fourth most-watched final episode in television history, coming behind M.A.S.H. (1983), Cheers (1993), and Seinfeld (1998).

Even with the endless options for current shows, the story of the six friends still runs on many open or subscription platforms (soon available in HBOMax) around the world. Ross’s nerdy manner, Chandler’s messes, Joey’s lack of awareness, Monica’s cleanliness, Rachel’s love delusions, and Phoebe’s hilarious ideas have won the hearts of fans all over the world.

The immediate connection that we feel with those six friends and all the experiences they share with us is what made Friends a series that does not age. Friends’ characters had several relationships, but in the end, the ones that worked were those in which the couple, more than lovers, were great friends. The lesson is that a relationship needs more than just love; it needs affinity, sincerity, complicity, good humor, and companionship, which are the main values ​​of friendship. What we have prepared is a quiz focused only on the relationship between the characters. Show us the great fan you are!