Written by: Billie

Date: December 21, 2020

friends trivia: chandler bing
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Played by Matthew Perry, the famous Chandler Bing is the main highlight of the Friends series.

That’s why Snurpe has prepared this special Friends Trivia for you! Only fans can score 21/23 on this Chandler Bing Quiz! Can you?

It is a consensus among Friends fans that Chandler Bing is the funniest friend. The characters themselves agree that he is the joke of the group. In a quick look at the construction of the series script, Chandler takes the role of comic relief. But, even if he can pull an anecdote from his sleeve at any time, he is also one of the most mocked by his friends, be it because of his name (Chandler Muriel Bing), his third nipple, his social oddities, or his natural awkwardness.

So much mockery has a psychological explanation. The young man admits several times throughout the program that his satirical persona is a shield built from childhood to not deal with problems. In short, Chandler makes jokes when he is uncomfortable, has confidence difficulties, and uses humor as a way to keep people at a safe distance from their true essence. He tries very hard not to face the problems as they accumulate in the family, loving, professional, and personal spheres. He ends up in the center of a happy family, in a job that completes him and with the traumas of the past mostly overcome.

All these facts would be unthinkable for Chandler of the first season. Among all six characters, he is the one who undergoes the most extreme and positive emotional transformation. With this, the plot shows us that we can also overcome our personal wounds and end the vicious cycle of self-sabotage.

For Chandler’s fans, we have prepared a quiet special quiz focused on his life, and are sure you are going to enjoy it. Good luck!