Written by: Katherine

Date: February 16, 2021

Image: @jenniferaniston/@johnnydeppofficial

About This Quiz

From cool and hip to overbearing and strict, parents can fall anywhere on the spectrum. They can be tough, scold and demand impeccable behaviour. Some are manipulated by their children, who get everything they want with an unfailing “way”. Others teach their children lessons in very curious ways, and yet others show how much they love their children in a weird form. But there is no doubt that TV parents are able to elicit a lot of laughter, tears and sighs, proving that every parent is a hero. Dysfunctional, unusual, problematic or just different. No family is the same, but all, without exception, offer valuable lessons for life, not just learning how to survive amid so much confusion and moments that alternate hurt and love.

If you think your parents aren’t normal, this personality quiz may tell you are wrong, or you do not know, some of these crazy parents below. Many imagine that everything that happens on television is perfect, everyone seems happy forever. But much of this is wrong, most TV parents are messy and strange. But the most important is that even with all the problems of the relatives, the family is always united. Who doesn’t love their family, though? Now, it’s time to find out which TV should be yours, this specially prepared personality quiz will tell you!