Written by: Katherine

Date: February 8, 2021

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About This Quiz

No one is free from having to deal with someone who behaves with so much attitude. Whether in the family, at school, or at work, it is common to encounter adults or children who bet on aggressiveness to get what they want. Many aspects trigger this behavior, and it is important that when this type of behavior is disrupting life, the person be warned about it by their closest ones.

When people think they are better than others, there is a strong tendency for them to act like this towards others. There are also people who are born like this, you can perceive this behavior when they are still children. In this case, the sooner the parents seek a psychologist, the less the child and the people who live with him will suffer. If someone skips the line in front of them, they give a shout. If the colleague asks them to do something, they respond maliciously.

They are authoritarian, intolerant, owner of the truth. Assertive communication is transparent, honest, objective, and two-way. In other words, the assertive also accept when the other is assertive with him when they say things clearly and objectively. Totally different from a person with too much attitude. What about you? Would you say you have this kind of personality? This quiz will help you to find out!

What would you do if the couple on your front on the theater doesn't stop talking?

  • I will ask them politely to stay quiet
  • I would kick the back of their seat
  • I would try to focus on the movie

You are a long time waiting on the line for the bank, soon an impolite woman skips the line, how do you react?

  • I will point out there's a line there
  • I will make them go back to the line even if we fight
  • I will complain to everyone, but accept it

You are late for your class, but someone drooped the wallet in the hall, what would you do?

  • I would stop and take the wallet to give it back to the person
  • I would ignore and just move on to the class
  • I'm going to scream to the person that her wallet dropped

What would you do to make the car in front of you drive faster?

  • Horn!Horn!Horn!
  • Tell my friend to scream on them while passing
  • Flash the lights

How would you react if your friend accidentally spills food on your clothes while going to a party?

  • I would ask him to switch his t-shirt with me
  • I would call him bad names!
  • I would try to clean it somewhere near

You are on a date in a theater, but you gotta go pee, what do you do?

  • I'm going to tell my crush I gotta go to the bathroom
  • I'm going to tell my crush I'm hungry and I will come back with a snack
  • I will hold it until the end of the movie

The dad of your friend invited you to go on a vacation with them, how do you react?

  • I would buy him a beer
  • I would comment on all the vacations I've had before
  • I would thank him and make it a great time

How do you react if some girl is wearing the same dress as you on the prom?

  • I would avoid to be near her at all cost!
  • I would go near her to let everyone know I look better on it
  • I'm going to ignore it and enjoy the time!

What's your reaction when your order is late in a restaurant?

  • Raise my hand and tell the waiter they are taking too long to bring my meal
  • I'm going to make a huge confusion and leave the restaurant
  • I would just wait a little more

You are in a hotel and the air-conditioning broke, you already call for the service to fix it, what do you do next?

  • I leave my room and go walk around to get a beer
  • I will keep calling the switchboard until they fix it
  • I will take a cold shower

You ordered a burger in McDonalds, but the lunch had no cheese, what do you do?

  • I ask the attendant politely to put cheese on it
  • I go back furiously to the attendant to ask the replace of my entire burger
  • I'm going to eat anyway