Written by: Katherine

Date: February 8, 2021

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Image: @chrishemsworth/@gal_gadot

About This Quiz

Everyone agrees that health is the greatest of all blessings we have because without it it is impossible to be happy, or to enjoy anything else, may it be love, success, or money. From time to time, new scientific discoveries, new medicines, diets, and miraculous foods emerge. After a certain time lived and accumulated experiences we realize that we often hear advice that contradicts each other, are forgotten, or simply do not work, like, coffee is good for that but bad for that. Thousands of advice, specialist doctors, exams, health plans, expensive medicines… We cannot live without them, but we may not depend on them exclusively for health.

Taking responsibility for our health is very liberating. And the best tool for that to happen is self-knowledge. When we know ourselves better, we observe carefully and analyze our body and feelings, we learn to recognize uniquely what is good for us and what is not. All of this affects our health. Our body changes over the years and with them the limits and potential. What was good for me, or what I could take may not be the same today. This quiz was prepared exactly for you who would like to know if your health is on point. Get ready!

You are in your buddy's party, what do you consume there?

  • I will go for the fruits only
  • I will have one slice of cake, nothing else
  • I will eat everything available

What would you eat if you woke up hungry at 2 AM?

  • I will drink water only
  • I'm going to eat an apple
  • I'm going to eat a chocolate bar

What's your man role model?

  • A soldier
  • A football player
  • A comedian

What do you want to drink after a workout?

  • Protein shake
  • Water
  • Beer

Would you go to the gym on a rainy day?

  • Yes, I can't lose one day of gym
  • I would think about it...
  • No, I don't want to get there wet...

How do you react when your buddy invites you to hang out at the same time as your workout?

  • I will tell him I can't go, or maybe later
  • I'm going to run and exercise while going to meet him
  • I will ditch the workout.

Your idea of a great afternoon activity is:

  • play some football with your neighbors
  • wash my car
  • watch Netflix

How many sports do you play?

  • All of them
  • Basket and something else
  • football on my videogame

What do you eat when you get home from your job?

  • Watermelon juice
  • KFC
  • A jumbo bag of Doritos

What do you do after waking up on weekends?

  • I will go to the gym
  • I will text my friend to see if we have a party to go
  • I don't wake up...

It's afternoon, and you have run out of milk for your shake, what do you do?

  • I go to the grocery store to buy some
  • I ask my neighbor if he can give me some
  • I drink a Pepsi instead.