Written by: Katherine

Date: January 6, 2021

pixar trivia
Image: Disney Pixar

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When Steve Jobs acquired Pixar in 1986, the market saw it as a rather stupid decision made by Lucasfilm, however, at the time, it was only a division responsible for producing special effects. Responsible for successful jobs and the owner of technologies that were well ahead of the competition in Hollywood, the company became a powerful weapon in the hands of the Apple co-founder. Initially, the proposal was to improve the services provided to the film industry. Pixar was initially a hardware company and sold supercomputers prepared for the development of special effects. It seemed to be tailored to Jobs’ expertise, but it didn’t work out and by early 1991, the business was going poorly.

Since the acquisition, it only had losses and what at first appeared to have been a great deal (it is estimated that Jobs paid Lucasfilm between $ 5 million and $ 10 million, a very low amount for such a transaction ), ended up a major loss. Others reached out with proposals to purchase Pixar, but Jobs instead decided to make a deal with Disney to release three films together, the first of which was Toy Story. And thus began the successes. In 1995, production raised more than $ 300 million and has since continued to produce incredible movies that will remain our childhood memories.

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