Written by: Billie

Date: August 29, 2020

disney villains
Image: Disney Channel Original Movies

About This Quiz

Every question on this trivia quiz is about a different Disney Character!

Can you match these Disney Villains to their correlated movie?

Do you remember the story of Maleficent, originally from Sleeping Beauty (1959), turned into a live-action film? She was arguably one of the greatest villains in Disney’s fairy tales and animations, but she won’t be the last villain Disney will remake a movie about. Disney is a studio that always presents villains, sometimes in a comical light, sometimes extremely evil, or with both characteristics combined.
In terms of Disney animations, we all have our favorite characters. Some love Simba, while others prefer the Princesses, or the more recent heroes, like Ralph and Moana. But the truth is that our taste casually hovers over villains.

The constant success of these films after generations can be attributed to both the heroes and the villains that we encounter. There’s something about these characters that we hate to love! After all, Disney villains are always spectacular!
With the most diverse personality types and Machiavellian plans, some villains are so good that they end up stealing the show and becoming characters more striking than the heroes. We have a lot of examples where this applies. That’s why we have prepared a special quiz about the Disney villains. We recommend you check the Disney+ platform before taking this quiz. It’s a hard level challenge with questions from all the Disney universe. Good luck!