Written by: Billie

Date: January 7, 2021

riverdale quiz
Image: The CW

About This Quiz

No one knows Riverdale better than its biggest fans, are you ready to challenge yourself on this Riverdale Quiz?

A huge Netflix success, and going for its 5th season, Riverdale has really caught the attention of the younger public. The small town of Riverdale will have its peaceful days stolen after the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. To solve the mystery of his death, a group of friends digs into the secrets of this small town, where they find out it isn’t as peaceful and calm as everyone thinks it is. While working together, the teens will discover many secrets about each other and become involved in both the mystery and everyday teenage drama!

The diverse cast brings so many new faces, all beautiful young actors who portray different teens with so many exotic characteristics and personality. The series aired for the first time on January 26, 2017, and is already in its 5th season.

As a fan, we are sure you will do well on this quiz, and if you haven’t watch Riverdale yet, you are wasting your time! The 5th season of the show premiers in January 2021, so prepare for it and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Riverdale, and give this fantastic series a chance! If you are a trivia master make sure to check one of our trivia quizzes!

Which character in the series never spoke a single word?

  • Melody
  • Forsythe Pendleton I
  • Jason
  • Ben

What was the name of Hiram Lodge's mistress?

  • Mrs. Mulwray
  • Mrs. Parker
  • Mrs. Moore
  • Mrs. Clark

Up until S4 E9, how many people has Archie kissed?

  • 9
  • 7
  • 8
  • 6

What was the name of the serial killer or warrior genes?

  • Only MO3
  • MO3 & PH4
  • MAOA & PH4
  • MAOA & CDH13

What are the names of the main villains the first three seasons?

  • Hiram Lodge, Sugarman e Edgar Evernever
  • Penny, Sisters of Quiet Mercy & Penelope
  • Clifford Blossom, Black Hood & Gargoyle King
  • Chic, Charles e Claudius Blossom

Who is this?

  • Not from the series
  • Yet to come
  • Hermosa Lodge
  • Barbara Lodge

What is the connection between Chic & Charles?

  • Switched babies
  • Friends after all
  • Enemies
  • Secret lovers

Where did Josie live after leaving Riverdale?

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • She didn't leave
  • She is on tour with her dad

In which episode did Archie have his first kiss?

  • First season, ep. 10
  • First season, ep. 3
  • First season, ep. 1
  • Second season, ep. 1

What is the name of Cheryl and Toni's "ship"?

  • Toryl
  • Theryl
  • Choni
  • Cheoni

What are the names of Polly's children?

  • Juniper & Begwood
  • Juniper & Dagwood
  • Juniper & Jason Junior
  • Juniper & Robbert

Who is Cheryl's triplet who was supposedly absorbed by their mother uterus?

  • Julian Blossom
  • Joseph Blossom
  • Julio Blossom
  • Charles Smith

Who was the first death of the fourth season?

  • Penny Peabody
  • Hal Cooper
  • Penelope Blossom
  • Fred Andrews

Which trigger word did Edgar use to free Betty from the Dark Betty alter-ego?

  • Apple
  • Dark
  • Orange
  • Tangerine

Who supposedly killed Edgar on the farm?

  • Betty
  • Cheryl
  • Alice
  • Penelope