Written by: Katherine

Date: January 11, 2021

Mandalorian Quiz
Image: Disney+

About This Quiz

How much do you know-it-all about the adorable Baby Yoda and the adventurous Mando? Test your knowledge in this special Mandalorian Quiz!

The Mandalorian is one of Disney+’s biggest hits and reinvigorated Star Wars after the franchise’s last two controversial films. The plot features the Mandalorian Din Djarin venturing into space as he tries to find answers about the mysterious Child, who looks a lot like a certain Jedi master (it’s no wonder his nickname is Baby Yoda!).

In less than an hour of screen time, the Child has already stolen the hearts not only of those watching The Mandalorian but also of the entire internet. The little creature has been shared far and wide by social networks since then. Unfortunately, although we know little about the character itself, we can all agree that this will arguably be the cutest creation of recent times.

One of Djarin’s searches also involves his own people, the Mandalorians, who are spread out in a galaxy still under reconstruction after the fall of the Empire. The constant mentions, references, and participation of characters from all over the history of Star Wars led fans to wonder, when exactly does The Mandalorian take place? The series’ description itself points to some moments after The Return of the Jedi, as the plot sews in characters and events already explored in animations, books, games, and comics.

With this amazing introduction, if you haven’t yet, you should give the series a watch and see if you enjoy it! If you are a fan like most people, it’s time to challenge yourself by taking our special The Mandalorian quiz!