Written by: Katherine

Date: February 5, 2021

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Image: @teddysphotos/@johnnydeppofficial

About This Quiz

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your appearance? On social media, we are constantly exposed to fitness posts. Diets, videos at the gym, photos from before and after can appear both on your friend’s Instagram and on the celebrities’ Facebook. It feels like you just have to follow the step by step to achieve the “perfect body”.

It is common to compare ourselves with other people to “evaluate” how well we are within the standard of beauty. And today, the internet is full of influencers willing to serve as inspiration. But how healthy is that? Everyone wants to have a beautiful body. Some go to great lengths and save money to reach their goals in search of ideal beauty. Strict diets, treatments and risky aesthetic procedures, excessive physical exercise, and plastic surgery are part of the routine of those who have an excessive concern with appearance.

The problem occurs when, despite efforts, this person can never be satisfied and does not accept his appearance. The perception, sometimes unconscious but very common that human relationships are initiated or maintained in aesthetic superficiality, leads us to believe that it is fundamental to relationships.

Do you think you have this problem too? Are you too concerned about your looks? This quiz was prepared to help you to answer this question.

Pick your favorite activity:

  • Reading a book
  • Go to the hairdresser
  • Shopping for hair and nail stuff

What's your way to show confidence?

  • Speak with confidence
  • Always smile
  • Wearing a new outfit every day

Pick your favorite woman:

  • Michele Obama
  • Taylor Swift
  • Kylie Jenner

Your friends are inviting you to go to a party, would you attend?

  • Yes
  • Depends of who is going to be there
  • No, I need to know it a day before so I can get my looks ready

What do you consider a bad day?

  • Having a lot of tasks on my job
  • Crush seeing me with a messy hair
  • Breaking a nail

How long do you take to get your looks ready?

  • Fifteen minutes
  • An hour
  • Two hours, nothing else

What is your favorite TV program?

  • News
  • Series
  • Beauty reality shows

You love a new makeup, but you can't afford it right now, what do you do?

  • Wait until it goes on sale
  • Ask my friend to buy it
  • Ask some money from my dad

Your boyfriend is ticked off by the sight of all conditioners and shampoos you have in the shower, what do you do?

  • Throw out the old ones
  • I will put some of them elsewhere
  • Claim it's for your hair loss treatment

Would you get full body laser hair removal?

  • I would consider it later
  • I would get only in some parts
  • Yes, totally.

Would you get a tattoo if you could?

  • No
  • Depends on where
  • Yes, I love tattoos