Written by: Katherine

Date: February 8, 2021

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Image: @claudiasulewski/@greggsulkin

About This Quiz

You don’t become a clingy partner overnight, and you definitely won’t become less clingy in an instant. Even though most of us are not willing to admit it, we have all been this clingy partner at one point in our dating life. The person who just can’t afford to be away from their lover, not because she can’t get enough of its partner, but because being clingy is natural to the person. The person who can’t stand up always needing the other to be around them so she can function like a normal person.

Most importantly, this person who makes her partner the kind of asphyxiation that no one can endure, even though they love their partner very much. While it’s totally sweet to want to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend all the hours of your life, it’s not just how mature people in relationships act. Being clingy does more harm than good in a relationship, and you know it if you have been with a sticky and possessive companion in the past. What about your behavior? Do you think you match these characteristics? This personality quiz will tell if you are a clingy person or not. Get ready!

What's your friend's opinion on your partner?

  • They're all buddies
  • They like him and he is fine to hang-out with them
  • They don't appreciate him too much

After how much time you and your partner started a serious relationship?

  • On the first date
  • After a few dates
  • It took months

When you are together in public, do you always check each other?

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • Not really

For how much time have you ever being apart from your partner?

  • One day
  • A few days
  • Weeks

When your partner is having a hang-out with his friends, do you keep texting him to be updated?

  • Yes, I want to know whatever he is doing
  • I will just ask when he is coming back
  • No, I don't worry about anything

Have you ever spied on his social media messages?

  • Yes, I want to know whom he is talking with
  • Only if he has something to show me
  • Never, I don't like this attitude

How many messages do you and your partner send to each other weekly?

  • Hundreds
  • A few dozen
  • Just the necessary

How much public demonstration of affair is OK?

  • There is no limit
  • Light kissing is fine
  • Only hand-holding

How often do you see your partner?

  • Every day
  • Most days
  • Only on the weekends

Have you ever talked about your future together?

  • Yes, we are always planning stuff
  • Sometimes, when it's really important
  • Not really

If your partner canceled your plans together right in the last time, how would you react?

  • I would be very pissed off
  • I would ask him for a good explanation
  • I will comprehend, maybe it was something important