Written by: Katherine

Date: February 8, 2021

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About This Quiz

Love seems to have become an object of consumption to use and throw away. Dating apps have made it difficult to bet on someone in the long run in the face of so many offers because it always seems like there are more choices. We are afraid to hold on to a person, but the reality is that we are much more afraid to let go.

Taking the step of leaving a relationship remains complex no matter how much we think. Or, perhaps, precisely for that reason, you realized that your relationship is no longer what it used to be. The same person who used to cause the feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” now causes only stress.

It is important to put an end to an unhappy and dysfunctional relationship, however, it is hard to admit that it is over. You may think that all of this is just a bad phase, and maybe, it really is, but there are certain signals that the end of the relationship is inevitable. Everyone needs time for themselves. It is normal and natural. But if spending time with yourself becomes much more pleasant than being with your partner, it’s a bad sign.

This quiz was specially prepared for the people who are facing this situation right now in their relationships!

You both live together, and you need to study tonight, how he reacts?

  • He invites some friends home to play games with him
  • He goes play videogame alone
  • He stays quiet and asks if he can help you

What he usually do when you are feeling down because of something which happened?

  • He says he is sorry, but he can't do anything
  • He asks me if I want something
  • He buys my favorite ice cream and stays by my side

What is his gift for you on Valentine's?

  • He forgot about it
  • Bought you a Starbucks' coffee
  • He prepared you a romantic dinner

Do you hold hands while walking?

  • Not anymore
  • A few times
  • Yes, always

Your partner's eyes are wandering. Where is he looking at?

  • to another woman
  • to his cellphone
  • into my eyes

How do you spend your weekend?

  • We can't, we usually meet each other during the week
  • Together, but around his buddies
  • Together all day long

What is he wearing when attending your graduation?

  • Common jeans and t-shirt
  • A brown shirt
  • A black tux

The big English term paper is due next week, and he hasn't started.

  • He asks to copy yours.
  • He says he'll see you in a week; he needs time to work on it.
  • He invites you over so you can work and still be together

You prepared a surprise romantic dinner for him. What's his reaction?

  • He says he will eat it later and go sleep
  • He says you didn't need to do it all for him
  • He tells he loves you and that he loved the surprise

When you invite him to have dinner with your family, what's his answer?

  • He said he has to attend his friend's birthday meeting
  • He will come, but won't enjoy it
  • He says he will be glad to come

Your family is in town, you gonna stay with them for some days, what will he do?

  • He throws a party while you are out
  • Go to his friend's house
  • Stay in home