Written by: Billie

Date: January 8, 2021

Image: @diariesofdiana/@kballhenson

About This Quiz

Are You Spoiling Your Dog? Are you good enough for him? Play this Spoiled Dog Quiz and find out if you are spoiling your pet too much!

If Fido and Fluffy are taking over your life, maybe you should consider putting them on a shorter leash. Even though pics of them are flooding your Facebook profile, you may not be able to balance the pet–master relationship. Before things get too wild, take this short quiz to see who’s the household’s real head. We prepared this Personality Quiz so you can find out if you’re spoiling your pet too much!

Most people’s hearts melt when they see a dog. Who would not want to pamper these cute creatures? But what if pampering the dog too much is a big problem, how to do it without crossing the line, without awakening unwanted behaviors, and keeping your puppy a happy and balanced animal. When a child receives everything they want at the time they want, and never receives a “no,” they end up being spoiled. Spoiled children do not obey, kick until they get what they want, and cause trouble. The same thing happens with dogs. Not comparing dogs to children, just showing that just like little ones, dogs need education. Often the owner starts to pamper the dog without realizing it and ends up with a huge problem.
Dogs can also become aggressive because they have been too spoiled. That’s because they start to feel like the owners of the house. When you give your dog a cookie because they started barking and asking, you reinforce for him that you are submissive to him. It is worth remembering that dogs, although very loving and affectionate, are still animals. And animals use force in a variety of situations. What about you and your pet? Do you think you are a spoiled pet owner? This quiz will sure help you to find out!