Written by: Katherine

Date: February 10, 2021

Image: @todayshow/@joaquinlphoenix

About This Quiz

Have you ever questioned why some people are more rational and others more emotional? Why do some people have artistic talents while others do not? Why do some individuals have ease with numbers and others do not? What is different about these people besides the influences of the environment? The human brain is divided into two main parts, the left hemisphere, and the right hemisphere. Its functions are related to intellect, muscle control, internal regulation of bodily functions, and emotional centers.

Each side fulfills specific functions, and it is through the interaction between them that neurological organization takes place. Although they work together, one hemisphere is always more prevalent than the other, and each person has one of the better developed. It is believed that artists are moved on the right side, while people who have professions in the area of ​​engineering and finance have the dominant left side. The left side of the brain is the rational hemisphere, which controls logical and analytical thoughts, in addition to physical functions.

The right side of the brain, in turn, is more intuitive, creative, emotional, and creative. This hemisphere is related to spatial orientation, artistic activities, and unlimited perception, fulfilling the function of making sense of perception and interacting with the environment. So, based in your personality, which type of person are you? Take this amazing quiz to find out!