Written by: Katherine

Date: January 6, 2021

marvel quiz
Image: Marvel Studios

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Marvel Entertainment was founded in 1939, in the United States, by Martin Goodman. The company’s first comic book was Marvel Comics, launched on August 31, 1939, where the characters Human Torch and Namor appeared. However, the company’s history actually began in 1933, with their first publications in the Western Supernovel Magazine.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) is the name given to encompass the myriad of superhero movies created by the company. Disney+ even gives you the option to watch Marvel movies in chronological order, following the timeline in which each film would take place.

Each hero’s story is fit into the timeline of the Avengers films, starting with Captain America: The First Avenger and ending with Avengers: Endgame, the latest movie released which broke viewers’ records.
Set just after the events of “Infinity War”, the production follows the mourning heroes, ready to fight Thanos again and bring back the characters that died in the “snap”. Please note that the order in which the films that were released is not necessarily chronological in the MCU timeline.

You are probably a fan of the MCU. It’s impossible to find a person who hasn’t watched or who doesn’t know any of the company’s superheroes. If you think you’re a super fan, we have prepared some special quizzes to test your passion for the MCU!