July 5, 2020

Loved by teenagers all around the world, Never Have I Ever portrays the life of a girl from Indian descent growing up in America. It’s one of the most hyped series in the Netflix platform. We separated some funny curiosities about it, take a look.

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First Day On Set.

During a Zoom call with J-14 magazine, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Darren Barnet opened up about their funniest moments on set, singling out a favorite one. It happened during the first day when the producers gave the cast a 3-hour break, having the freedom to do anything.

During that break, Darren suggested that the whole cast should go and play bowling. After spending a few hours there, the cast returned to the set. But, when they came back, the production team was quite mad. It turns out that the cast members weren’t allowed to leave the set, and made everyone panic about their disappearance.

Reunited With An Old Friend.

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After a memorable last episode of the iconic The Office, this show seemed to connect some of the cast members back together. After co-creating the show, Mindy Kaling invited her old colleague Sendhil Ramamurthy to take Devi’s father role. The actor told they just called up and said, “Hey, do you want to play a dad on this show?”.

 He got a call asking if he could play Bloodwork on The Flash, and then four hours later, he got the call to work on Never Have I Ever. Once Sendhil found out what the show was and read the script, the actor got excited because he loved seeing a South Asian main character on TV or Netflix. He closed the deal.

It Took One Month To Record The Dancing Bollywood Scene.

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The Indian American choreographer and dance educator, Joya Kazi, extraordinarily managed at Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever. She only had literally a month working solely on the production. Attaining dancer’s preliminary meetings, submitting sample choreography, and settling all of that. As well as making all of the costumes with the production team.

On the day of the shoot, she made sure they accessorized the dresses and pinned everything correctly. The whole dance scene lasted in just 30 seconds, but the importance is majestic, although. The dancers were dressed as genuine Indians and using their clothes, not just the Sari, but also other apparel. Many times, the American TV tried to deny the Indian dance, even though Never Have I Ever managed to do it successfully, but courteously.

The Coyote Attack.

Devi and the coyote - Never have i ever - S1E3 "Gotten Drunk With ...
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 During the third episode of the first season, the actress had to confront an actual coyote, as a part of one of the scenes. While on the real episode, the coyote ended up attacking Devi, who then lands in the hospital.

 The interaction behind the scenes was much safer, Devi did pet the coyote and had some time to play with it. However, there was a particular trainer to oversee the interaction between those two.

Will We Have A New Harp Star?

TV and Movie News Never Have I Ever: 10 Things That Make No Sense ...
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 During one interview with The Observer, Ramakrishnan confessed picking up a impressive skill, playing the harp. For some scenes, the main actress had to learn to play such a difficult instrument.

Despite having severe struggles, the hard-working star never seemed to complain, learning it was something she was looking forward to.

Exaggerating Indian Culture.

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Although achieving massive success within the first week of its premiere, this show was not immune to criticism. While portraying strong and independent characters, and breaking certain Indian stereotypes about females, this show didn’t seem to portray everything realistically.

 Fans have commented that there were certain aspects of the show that were quite exaggerated and inverted throughout the show, which made them mad. Lots of them showed their disapproval when it came to portraying Indian traditions falsely.

The Spam-Call Gate.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Clip of the Audition Tape That Landed Maitreyi ...
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It’s been a storm since Ramakrishna’s first audition was released. After beating 15,000 other actors, this was her way to comment the whole thing, “this is my first job ever, I never had a job before, Mindy is my first boss.”

 However, Maitreyi admitted when the show’s creators tried calling her, they didn’t get the best response. She ignored the call thinking it was a spam call. To reach her, they had to email her instead.

Inappropriate DMS.

Never Have I Ever" Star Darren Barnet Says He Hopes to See Paxton ...
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Since the show’s premiere, fans couldn’t keep their eyes away from the handsome character Paxton Hall Yoshida. After his presentation in Never Have I Ever, his following on Instagram jumped to over a half million in less than 10 days. 

Inundated with that many fans DMS, his phone never seems to get any rest. These kinds of things happen the same for the Actors Before And After They Got Called by Marvel.

Paxton revealed that he got hundreds of new DMS waiting for him each time he checks his phone. People get real shameless in the messages, he said. He does his best to answer them.

John McEnroe Hasn’t Watched A Single Episode Of The Series.

How Mindy Kaling Cast John McEnroe in Never Have I Ever | PEOPLE.com
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The 61-year-old tennis legend, John McEnroe, added a sweet flavor to the show. He showed in this high school show comedy his quirky and unapologetically funny personality. His new and original attributes added an overall great appearance to the scenes. When talking about his contribution to the show, Mindy Kaling explained how he even got to appear in Never Have I Ever. He was in Malibu having such a good time with his wife. Kaling met John and asked if he wanted to participate in it.

The retired Tennis player showed up in a wet suit, and it was awesome, he shot 15 minutes away from his house, so it was easy. Mindy said that despite his contribution to the show, McEnroe hasn’t seen one episode of the show yet. John explained that he usually only watch documentaries. Still, at the right time, he will give a try for it.

Breaking Indian Stereotypes.


Fans love when shows break stereotypes, and that was one of the biggest reasons why Never Have I Ever has blown up. So much, it breaks many typical Indian stereotypes that are often portrayed through western media.

This show isn’t afraid to put it all out. From empowering characters to fully develop strong personalities. Having them talk about losing their virginity and sex in general, is much more fierce than anything you would imagine. Indian girls after many shows failed to portray teenage life as it is.

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