July 3, 2020

From all the glamour and shining of the celebrity’s life, we often ignore the incredible celebrity transformations our beloved stars have to pass. The acting career requires not only an emotional adaption but also radical physical changes.

Celebrities will do everything to give life to their characters. Some stars have also experienced physical transformations, due to positive or negative changes in their lives. It’s a similar experience that Disney Stars follow for their jobs.


Incredible Celebrity Transformations
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Months away from her social media, Adele returned on her birthday to thanks her fans. She posted a shocking picture of herself, she was unrecognizable after lost around 45 kgs.

The singer drastically changed her lifestyle to suit its new phase with her son, Angelo Adkins. In an interview, she said everything she has done was to improve her new mother-lifestyle. From strict diets to intense body exercises, Adele looks way healthier now and pretends to keep her new routine.

50 Cent

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Surprising its fans, the rapper and actor appeared with an overly skinny body, he had to lose weight for his role in the movie All Things Fall Apart. 50 Cent took his job so severely that he lost 30 kg to play an American football player, Deon, who suffered from cancer in the middle of its sports career.

The actor faced nine weeks of cardio exercises and a liquid diet to change his body completely. He said it was a hard time for him, where he would always feel tired and low. After the movie shootings, 50 Cent returned to his musical career and regular diet and exercises.

Nicole Kidman

Image credit: insider

She is a veteran in Hollywood, everyone knows her and she changed a lot over the years. The actress is always up to changes in her visual to play any role. She said once that her husband got shocked with her transformation to interpret Erin Bell, from the movie Running on Empty.

Kidman had to lose weight, dye her hair greyish, and wear makeup, which made her look 30 years older. Nowadays, Nicole takes care of her appearance by applying fillers and botox on her face, maintaining her gorgeous looks we all admire.

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John Travolta


The male star doesn’t confirm if he had cosmetic surgeries. Still, the fans perceived some unusual changes in his face over time. Some surgeons claim that the actor, now 66 years old, had a nose job and applied some fillers.

Rumors also claim Travolta had a hair transplant procedure years ago. Known by his charming hairstyle during his career, the actor now assumed his bald head and shared lots of pictures on social media with his new clean head cut.

Lindsay Lohan

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At the age of 34, the actress has been part of many scandals, and had some drug-related struggles. Some even put her behind bars. Of course, Lindsay is not only known for her problems, she also had memorable roles in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, and more. She had a huge hype at the time as a young talented actress.

The actress suffered many transformations because of her bad lifestyle, usually unhealthy skinny, sometimes overweight. Now, the actress seems to have changed her life, but her old habits made her appearance not as good as it could have been today.

Matthew McConaughey

The handsome actor fears no transformation. Matthew details his routines to play diverse roles, from the shredded  Go-Go Dancer character in Magic Mike to the electrician diagnosed with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club.

The actors say that when he needs to put some weight, every night he eats pizza, and when the star needs to lose it, he follows a strict diet of small portions of fishes and vegetables. Although, when he is not in any project, the actor keeps a healthy routine and his body seems to be always in shape.

Nicki Minaj

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The singer is another excellent example of a celebrity who had lots of modifications in her body and face. If the rumors are correct, the rapper spent more than 100 thousand dollars with her appearance.

If we look at some photos of her over a decade, Minaj has been continuously modifying her body, from expensive booty procedures, boob jobs, skin lightening, and more. She is also known for her colorful hairstyles, which she often changes.

Chris Hemsworth

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To play the beloved superhero, Thor, the actor had to invest a lot in his physique. From intense workouts to strict diets, he managed to get a great body shape, which granted him the 2014 Sexiest Man Alive title by the People’s magazine.

However,  the actor shocked the public in the latest Avengers movie when he appeared as an overweight, lazy Nordic God. Luckily, it was all a fake fat layer prosthesis. For the movie In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth had to lose 20 kgs to play a sailor who got lost in the sea for 3 months. His diet consisted of salted biscuits and juices only.

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Jaden Smith

Image credit: Picture News

Actor and rapper, he made his name for his works along with his father, Will Smith. Even though, he had a funny appearance recently when he made a new music clip with an unusual look.

He had died his hair pink, shaved his eyebrows, and he put tooth gems. Jaden’s new visual hyped, and the rapper embraced it totally.

Christian Bale

Image credit: tvovermind

When actors radical transformations come to your mind, Bale is the boss. Over his 35 years in the acting life, the male star had to adapt himself to all the possible body shapes. To play the Batman trilogy, he had to follow an incredible daily consumption of 5000 kcals, plus intense workouts. Warner spent a lot make the actor fit the superhero costume.

In contrast, in the movie The Machinist, Bale had to eat as few as he could. His daily calorie consumption reached an astonishing 400 only. Fatigue and tiredness were constantly on the shootings, the unhealthy appearance he managed to get for the character in the film amazed the audience. Something we have never seen before.

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