July 1, 2020

Facts You Didn’t Know About Michele Morrone. Netflix made a sweet deal with 365 Days, a kinky movie based in the book trilogy written by Polish author Blanka Lipińska. With millions of streams in the platform, many have already compared the film to the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise.

When there is a competition, it is the viewer who always wins. The spotlight is, of course, on the character Don Massimo, played by the actor Michele Morrone. Searches for him on Google increased exponentially, so here are some facts about the hot actor.

Facts You Didn't Know About Michele Morrone
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Nationality and Parents.

It’s kind of hard to guess from where he is from. He has that “dark, tall, and handsome vibe,” you can’t correctly say if he is ethnically Spanish, Italian, Arab, or Greek. Maybe he is a combination of those.

He was born in Melegnano, Italy, on October 3rd, 1990. He has three older sisters and a brother. His dad used to work in the construction field and died when he had only 12 years old. The family was raised then by his mother. Michele will turn 30 this year, pretty young and a lot to show.

His funny name. You Didn’t Know That Fact About Michele Morrone

Many women are struggling to comprehend or pronounce the actor’s name on the internet. In most languages, Michele is a feminine name, but in Italy, it is a pretty common one, like the male football player name Andrea Pirlo. The correct way to pronounce his first name is ”My-Kelle.”

Studies and Career.

When he was only a child, he showed his interest in the acting career, so he joined a local private art school, when he got older, he went to the Teatro Fraschini Di Pavia. He began his career in small roles in local theatre plays until he moves up to more significant roles. He had a lot of appearance in Italian cinema, but none had the visibility of his recent work, now he got a huge worldwide status and can expand his horizons, even in Hollywood.

Net Worth.

The actor has a good bank account too, not comparable with his character who is a multimillionaire Mafia boss, but he is new on the main scene and already got in his bank between one to five million dollars plus some properties, like a medium-size mansion, he also earns from brand endorsements, like Falconeri, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

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For a recent blockbuster, his bank account is pretty much good!

Relationships and Family.

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Officially, Michele is a free man in 2020. However, he was married for 4 years straight with the famous fashion designer Rouba Saadeh. They still follow each other on social media. By looking at the photos of the old couple, you can see they had a beautiful relationship.

In 2018 after the divorce with his wife, he fell in a severe depression, making him wish to quit everything, even his acting career. At the time, he moved away from the big city life and worked as a gardener in a small town with less than 1000 inhabitants.

The couple had two beautiful sons, Marcus and Brado Morrone, the older is 6 years old, and the younger only 3. The older boy has dark hair like the father, and the younger is blonde, probably took after his mother.

There is a rumor he is in a secret relationship with the Italian celebrity Barbara d’Urso, who is around 30 years older than him. She is a pretty blonde woman, though.

Another Facts You Didn’t Know About Michele Morrone Are His Skills and his Hobbies.

Most people have not noticed, but Morrone sings four songs in the 365dni movie, they are Hard for Me, Dark Room, Watch Me Burn, and Feel It, all available in the leading music platforms. His songs reached up to 40 million views on Youtube, and up to 20 million plays on Spotify.

He also enjoys riding horses, he owns one named Iron, and loves to travel, mainly around Europe. Michele speaks Italian, English, and French. He can speak in several dialects of those languages, a remarkable and rare skill.

Body and Health.

This is the part that most people paid attention to. The actor is 1,88M tall,(6’2”) and weighs 79 kg(174 lbs), all that in a muscular shape body, he has a nice body hair in the right places and great beard style. His shoe size is 44 EUR(11 US), big feet in a big body.

His eyes color is Hazel, and his skin always seems tanned. He has 19 tattoos through his body, which vary from small to medium size. He is a pretty stylish man, loves to wear earrings, amulets, and many other accessories.

Finally, His future in the Franchise.

At the end of 365 Dni *spoiler alert*, it is not clear if Laura(his kidnapped girlfriend) was murdered or not by his enemies, but if the sequel follows the books, she won’t be killed.


In the second book, named Tem dzien, Massimo saves her. They live a period together far from the “family business.” The handsome boss starts to review his life choices since now Laura is pregnant from his child, and he wants to protect them at any cost. With this plot, we can surely expect a trilogy; the producers did not confirm any information yet. Due to the success of the first movie, it’s certain 365 Dni have a future and will be trending for a long time, as his predecessor Fifty Shades did.

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