August 14, 2020

If you have been watching the Netflix Dark series for long and didn’t understand its latest season, we are going to explain everything for you. If you haven’t watched it yet, be aware that this post contains spoilers of the series. Let’s go.

The final explains to us that this event of one universe creating another happened thousands of times. However, this time they are facing is the last cycle, and everything that happens will stay as it is. Claudia Tiedemann was the first one to find out about this when she witnessed that her daughter, Regina Tiedemann, would always die in the two universes. But Regina had nothing to do with this time travel stuff, she never did any travel, her dad also didn’t.

Claudia only started to time travel post giving birth to Regina. Then she started to question why her daughter would always die. She realized that her daughter would always die of natural causes in both universes, never murdered.

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Claudia starts to investigate why this is such a frequent and constant event, while she pretends to Adam and Eve that she still wants to keep both timelines intact. Then she finds out that those two universes had begun from a third one, when H.G. Tannhaus invented the time machine to save his son who had died in an accident years before. The main concept here is that when Tannhaus tried to change the events of his original timeline, he created more universes. Unfortunately, the doctor  didn’t manage to save his son, but he created a lot of problems by multiplying the number of universes existing.


The series also presents a good explanation based on the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, which says that if you put a cat and poison inside a box, the cat will be both alive and dead at the same time while the box is closed, it’s a quantum mechanics stuff. In Dark, the “cat” is Jonas Kahnwald. In one universe, he is saved by Martha, and in the second universe, he dies. Or, he saves himself and becomes Adam, creating another messed up loop in both timelines.

So, in the final, when Claudia meets Adam and tells him that he can put an end to this messed up universe, she opens a third option, Adam meeting his younger version in the past and showing him the right things to do to save up both worlds. Claudia itself tells him that this cycle has happened thousands of times because both Jonas and Adam, who are the same person, think they are doing the right thing to end up the cycle, but they are both fools.

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Adam then explains to Jonas that they should go back in time and save Doctor Tannhaus’s family because if he doesn’t lose his family, he won’t invent the time machine that created both universes.. There is even an easter egg that, when Doctor Tannhaus is about to turn on the time machine for the first time, there are two buttons who are pressed simultaneously, which probably means each one was one universe being created.

The plan to go back to Tannhaus time is to wait for the apocalypse to happen, because after this event, the time will freeze for a thousandth of a second, and this is the moment that both universes cease to exist. This is the right moment to use the time machine to return for more than the fixed thirty-three years, which is said it’s the limit in the series. When they enter this “vacuum” of the timeline, Jonas can see many both times and universes. He can see both Martha as a child, and as an adult, they were about to enter the third universe, also known as the original one.

The Sic Mundus symbol also has an explanation for all this enigma, it shows three symbols joining to each other, which metaphorically could mean the union of the three universes would end the loop. This is what happens at the end, Jonas and Martha go back in time, they make Tannhaus’s son doesn’t leave, so he doesn’t die. Also, the doctor’s wife and daughter don’t die either. They all go back together to their homes, and time travel is never invented. The two other universes will never be created, and the original one will follow the standard path.

In the last scene, we see everyone in a table at dinner, and you can perceive that none of them is from that bizarre genetic three, they are all the right people who should be there in the untouched universe.

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For example, Ulrich, Martha, and Michael don’t exist in this universe because they are descents from Agnes Nielsen, who is the daughter of Bartosz, who is a time traveler. If Bartosz never traveled, Agnes can’t exist, so her children can’t too. This happens to Jonas too. If Michael never exists, Jonas can’t exist. The series ends up perfectly and without paradoxes.

The end also reveals that the biggest “villain” of the series, Adam, is actually the good guy, responsible for making the universe normal again. Dark also leaves the fans with some questions, which probably won’t ever be answered. The people at the table may not be the only ones who survived, the other characters may be around there.

Still, they never met each other in the non-messed up universe. They are just around there living their normal lives. It wouldn’t be weird if Netflix made a movie or another season to show us how life is in this intact timeline and how every character, if still existing, is living its life.

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